Administrative Services Handbook (revised November 2016)

Procedures for review of BPs and APs

Strategic Plan 2013-2018

BP & AP 6200 (draft)

BP & AP 6300 (draft)


Monterey County Treasurer's Board Report

1st Quarter Financial Statement Update

Information-Prop 30

BP & AP 6250 (draft)

BP & AP 3410 Nondiscrimination (draft)

BP & AP 3420 Equal Employment Opportunity (draft)

Projected COLA dartboard to 2017-18

AP6200-Annual Budget Calendar

Compressed Budget Calendar for 2014-15

Program Review - Admin Office Annual Action Plan

Program Review - Service Areas Outcome-Assessment Summary Form admin office

Program Review - Business Office Annual Action Plan

Administrative Services Program Review - Business Office

Justification to hire accounting assistant

HR Annual Action Plan 11-2013


HR Service Areas Outcome-Assessment Summary Form 1

HR Service Areas Outcome-Assessment Summary Form 2

Comprehensive Program Review HR Exec Summary Fall 2013

Comprehensive Program Review HR (10814 final)

Financial Statements

BP & AP 6150 (draft)

AP 3570 template smoking

BP 3570 template smoking

smoking policies chart

Smoke Free Campuses

January 31, 2014 Budget Update

Financial Statements (ending 02-28-14)

Campus directories - ALL PLANS - 040414

Feb. 28, 2014 Budget Update

Comprehensive Resource Request all divisions for CPC Al's adjustments

2014-15 May Revision

Financial Statements (ending 04-30-14)

CalSTRS rate increases

BP & AP 5575 (Smoking on Campus) (draft) 05-14-14

Budget update 04-30-14

Final Budget 2014-15

Budget Presentation 9-2-2014

Admin Svcs Council Effectiveness Survey

Smoking Policy and Procedures 051414