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adobe acrobat x pro logoAdobe Acrobat X Pro

Adobe Acrobat X Pro is a premium digital document software used to view, create, and save files as PDFs. PDF (portable document format) files are great for sharing information on our website as it puts documents (like Word documents) into a more universal format, and it's available on your Hartnell computer and virtual desktop. Adobe Acrobat X Pro comes with several helpful features, from making your documents accessible to creating fillable forms. View the training materials below, or you can register for a live training workshop or online course to learn how to use this software!


General Tips & Tricks (insert/extract pages, edit text & add links, convert to other formats)

Accessibility: Creating Accessible PDFs & Using the Adobe PDF Accessibility Checker

Digital Signatures: Creating Digital Signatures & More ways to sign PDFs

Forms: Creating Fillable Forms (written guide) & Creating Fillable Forms (interactive video presentation)

Portfolios: Creating Adobe Portfolios for paperless file systems (EOPS)


Adobe Photoshop logo Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a premium image editing software that may be available on your Hartnell computer (it is no longer being installed on the newer systems). If you do not have this program installed, use Pixlr photo editing software instead!


Photoshop for Beginners (Quick Start Guide)

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