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Hartnell College is a Google Apps for Education campus! This means all employees and students have Google accounts. To learn more about each Google App, register for face-to-face or online training, or review the materials below. You can click on the subjects listed below to jump to a specific app:

Google Mail | Google Drive | Google Calendar | Google Hangouts | Google Forms | YouTube

Is something Google-related not working properly? Check to see if there are any reported outages.

Gmail logo iconGoogle Mail

Google Mail (called Gmail) is the provider used for all Hartnell College email correspondence. Learn more about its capabilities in the guides below!


General Tips & Tricks or Make Gmail Look Like Outlook

Access your Hartnell Gmail from home (video) & Overview Basics (video)

Setting Gmail as the default mail client

Label and filter messages

Gmail Signature Guide (written guide) & Gmail Signature Instructions (video)

Google Drive Icon Logo

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage drive linked to your Google account. It currently allows for unlimited storage of files, and you can use it for sharing and collaborating on documents too!


General Tips & Tricks

Overview Basics (written guide) & Google's Overview of Drive (website)

Google Team Drive Quick Start Guide

HELP! Finding missing files & missing folders

Google Calendar IconGoogle Calendar

Google Calendar is a powerful tool that we use to schedule meetings and book appointments.


General Tips & Tricks

Create appointments

Google Hangouts IconGoogle Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a chat and video conferencing tool that is built right into your Hartnell email account.


General Tips & Tricks

Google Forms IconGoogle Forms

Google Forms is a type of interactive document that you can build within your Google Drive. It allows you to create, distribute, and manage forms and responses.


General Tips & Tricks

Google Forms vs SurveyMonkey

YouTube IconYouTube

YouTube is a video streaming service that is now linked to your Google login! You can post, edit, and share video content, or even create your own channel!


Captioning with YouTube

Collaborating with others on YouTube Videos

YouTube Support Center