software iconProfessional Development Opportunities

In addition to the Professional Development opportunities offered by Human Resources and through the PDC (which you can register for at any time), we have access to several other training and learning programs! Learn more about each opportunity below.


California Virtual Campus: The Online Education Initiative (OEI) has provided ongoing professional development funding to support online instruction. Use the California Virtual Campus link to access information about online training opportunities through @One, conferences, and more!

Go2Knowledge: This is an online resource for on-demand training in a variety of subjects, including at-risk populations, campus safety, organizational development, student success, teaching & learning, and technology. Training is free to Hartnell College users, and you can view the login credentials as long as you're signed in with your Hartnell Gmail account.

Lynda Training: Access training resources through the Vision Resource Center (learn more below!)

Online Education Initiative Professional Development: Access professional development opportunities specifically geared towards improving online teaching and learning.

Sidekick: This online resource combines six additional professional development resources. This includes 3CMedia captioning services, ConferZoom tools and support, @ONE (online education resources & training), ATPC (alternate text production center) resources, HTCTU (the high tech center training unit) tools and resources, and DECT (distance education captioning and transcription) services. 

Vision Resource Center (VRC): The VRC is a professional development and networking platform provided free of charge to all employees in the California Community College system. Register for/create an account then check out the tutorial below to learn more!


Vision Resource Center (VRC) Tutorial: Please note, the tutorial refers to the PLN (the Professional Learning Network) which has since been renamed to the VRC (Vision Resource Center), but the core functionality and overview content remains the same! Once you've logged into the VRC, click on the "Learn" tab and select "Browse for Training" to dive into the Lynda, Skillsoft, and Grovo micro-learning platforms.