Enrollment in any English composition course at Hartnell College will be determined on the basis of:

1. An evaluation of the Hartnell College English Placement Essay or the Hartnell College English for Speakers of Other Languages Placement Examination.* 

2. A qualifying grade (C or better) from a previous English composition course at Hartnell College, or an equivalent course and grade (C or better) from another college.*

*The student has the option of taking a course at a level lower than the one designated by The English Placement Essay evaluation of the examination scores; however, the student will not be allowed to enroll at another level once this option is exercised.

Who To Contact

  • Roberta Ruiz Camacho
    Records Evaluator
    Phone: 831-755−6713
    Building: B - Student Services
    Office: 128
    B - Student Services