Tips for Online Success

Take the Lead

  • Read the syllabus, and make sure you understand course objectives, what will be covered, and when assignments are due.
  • Make sure you are tech ready!
  • Communicate with your instructor. If you are struggling, make sure they know right away so they can get you the help you need.

Set Goals

  • Set simple goals: log in once a day to check message boards and announcements and start assignments the day after they are posted (not the night before they're due!).
  • Stick to your goals -- soon they will become part of your routine.


  • Be proactive! Join chat sessions, post messages in discussion boards, and attend virtual office hours, and email your teacher or other students.


  • Set aside time and a place where you can study uninterrupted. Expect to spend the same amount of time studying for an online course that you would for a face-to-face course, if not more!
  • Use the study schedule online tool to estimate the time you'll need to set aside.

Apply what you've learned

  • You retain more of what you learned if you apply it in your real life right away - whether that is at home or at work.
  • Make it real by talking to peers and supervisors about what you've learned, and use those new skills. Pretend you have to teach someone else how to use the same material, and you will see it in a new way!