The LGBTQIA+ Hartnell Allies Interest Group was formed in Spring 2020 with the desire and common goal to make Hartnell College safer and more inclusive for LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff, and students.

During meetings we discuss specific actions we can take individually and collectively to promote positive change. Our efforts will not succeed without broad input and support, as well as representation, from all constituent groups on campus.

How do I become an Ally at Hartnell?

Anyone who wants to be an Ally can join the Allies Interest Group. Everyone is welcome.

We will post resources and training materials on this website for folks to learn more about Allyship and how you can support our students, employees, and community personally, in your department/office, and other venues in which you participate/lead.

Who are the Meeting Organizers and What Do They Do?

The Allies were founded by Brian Loftman, Bronwyn Moreno, Shawn Pullum, Jay Singh, and Tina Summers after attending the 2nd CCC LGBTQ+ Summit in 2019. They serve as the current Meeting Organizers.

The Meeting Organizers plan the meetings, events, and activities on the advice of all interested Allies and the needs of our community. Anyone who is interested may ask to join the Meeting Organizer team, but it is a purely voluntary role. As our group grows we may consider a more formal organizational structure.