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Are you a recent high school graduate? Is this your first time ever attending a college?  If you answered "yes," then you are considered a New Student. To get started at Hartnell, you will need to follow the Steps to Success process of enrollment. 


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Refer to your K-12 school's administration for information regarding concurrent enrollment and outstanding credits. Concurrent Enrollment Applications are available online, in the Counseling & Guidance Department, and in the Admissions & Records Office. Concurrent Enrollment Applications must be completed and signed by your K-12 school administration before requesting a Hartnell Counselor's signature. A Hartnell Counselor's signature may be requested during daily Express Counseling hours. Please call the Counseling Desk at (831) 755-6820 for more information. 

Use the following table to determine your Student Type:

Type of Student

How to Determine

New Student You are a New Student if you have never enrolled in classes at any college.
New Transfer Student You are a New Transfer Student if you have attended another college, but have NEVER been enrolled at Hartnell College.
Returning Student You are a Returning Student if you have attended Hartnell College, but not in the last academic semester.
Returning Transfer Student You are a Returning Transfer Student if you have previously been enrolled at Hartnell College, and are now returning after attending another college.
Continuing Student You are a Continuing Student if you were enrolled at Hartnell College in the most recent academic semester. (excluded K-12 students)
Concurrent Enrollment Student You are a Concurrent Enrollment Student if your age or class level is equal to grades K - 12.