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Hartnell College is here to help you accomplish your transfer and/or career goals. Feel free to reach out to our counselors to receive one-on-one assistance on how to transfer to the best college or university for you.

The Transfer and Career Center provides guidance in university transfer information, career exploration, and job preparation. With the support of the Transfer and Career Center, students will become familiar with transfer resources and information that will enable them to successfully transfer to a UC, CSU, private university, or out-of-state university.

Similarly, the Transfer and Career Center will guide students by providing career resources and labor market information. Students will be able to recognize their own interests, values, skills, and abilities associated with career information in order to formulate their personalized career goal.

To be a successful transfer student:

  • Take advantage of all the resources listed on our website

  • Attend workshops and college fairs to gather information

  • Meet with counselors and university representatives to create the best transfer plan

The Transfer and Career Center is located in Building C, room 132 (C-132).
For appointments and information, contact us at: 831-759-6007.
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