King City Education Center Staff and Services

Service Contact Person When to Reach Out More Info & Main Campus Links
Dean of South County 
Mostafa Ghous
Dean of South County
(831) 386-7101
If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with him, please contact Araceli Alvarez (831) 386-7126
  • Front Desk
  • Facilities Rentals
Araceli Alvarez
Administrative Assistant
Front Office
(831) 386-7126
Mon-Th 9am-6pm
Fri 8am-5pm
  • Not sure who to call
  • Want to rent a classroom
  • Enrollment & Financial Aid
  • Cashier & ID Card Services
  • Computer Lab
  • Bookstore Services
Olga Galvan
Enrollment Services Specialist
Front Office
(831) 386-7127
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
  • Ready to enroll
  • Need an ID Card
  • Need to pay a bill
  • Need to fill in FA paperwork
  • Need a scantron, blue book, or other bookstore information
Panther Learning Lab
  • Stuck with homework
  • Need a tutor
  • Need to make-up an exam
We also have the Panther Learning Lab located at our other Hartnell centers. Check out this link for more info:
For appointments call (831) 386-7127 or through our website: Meet Your Counselors
  • Need help choosing your classes?
  • Choosing a career?
  • Want a face-to-face appointment?


Teacher Pathway Program (TPP)
Kristen Arps
Grant Project Director (Teacher Pathway Program)
Main Campus
Building A -150
(831) 770-6110
  • Interested in becoming a teacher?
  • Teacher Pathway Program
  • Maestros Program
Lupita Murillo
Teacher Pathway Program Coordinator
Main Campus
Building A - 150
(831) 770-6136
  • Interested in becoming a teacher?
  • Panther Prep
  • Food Pantry
  • Early Support Program
  • Rotary Book Grant & Chevron Scholarships
  • Recruitment & Retention
Victoria Bartholomew
Program Assistant II 
College Pathways
(831) 755-6700 x 7754
  • Apply to scholarships
  • Have questions about ESP & Panther Prep
  • Security issues
  • CPR/AED Services
Alexis Lopez
Front Office
(831) 386-7131
  • Have a safety concern?
  • Want an escort to your car?
Valerie Maturino
 Counselor (DSPandS)
Main Campus
Building B - 107
(831) 770-7022
  • Learn differently?
  • Think accomodations would help?
DSPS in South County, contact Valerie and check out this website for the services provided.
  • Library Services
  • Textbook & Graphing Calculators Lending
Hannah Clement
(831) 386-6078
  • Want to check out a textbook
  • Want to check out a Graphing Calculator