Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior in society. It uses a variety of research and theoretical perspectives to analyze and explain human social behavior and social change.  Sociology students examine a wide range of human interactions including marriage and family units, crime and deviance, culture and social change, group processes and interactions having to do with class, race and gender; diversity and globalization, social stratification and mobility and social movements. Program courses will help develop the student’s ability to examine the broader connections between personal life, public issues and social structure. Sociology provides a valuable major for a diverse range of career paths including teaching, social work, probation officer, employment counseling, urban planning and others.

 The Associate in Arts in Sociology for Transfer degree provides a clearly articulated curricular track for students who wish to transfer to baccalaureate degree programs at a California State University (CSU) campus. For detailed requirements for individual four-year institutions, students should contact the transfer institution and meet with a counselor for specific transfer course requirements in their major.



 Upon successful completion of the Associate in Arts in Sociology for Transfer Degree, a student should be able   to:

          • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the core concepts of sociology including: social structure; culture,               social stratification and inequality; race, ethnicity, and gender; and globalization.

          • Apply their understanding of sociology to their professional, personal and civic lives



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