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The Child Development Center Laboratory for Child Study supports the Hartnell College mission by serving as an observation and training site, giving Hartnell students the opportunity to observe, interact with, and study preschool children in an environment which utilizes varied teaching strategies and methods to assure developmentally appropriate experiences for young children. The Campus CDC lab serves as a model and sets standards for the larger community regarding quality education for children and provides quality educational opportunities for the youngest citizens of our diverse community. 


The CDC Lab provides:

  • students the opportunity to practice and demonstrate developmentally appropriate early childhood program planning and teaching competencies under the supervision of early childhood education/child development faculty and/or other qualified education professionals.
  •  a place for students to utilize practical classroom experiences to make connections between theory and practice, develop professional behaviors, and build a comprehensive understanding of children and families.
  • an on-campus model program under the guidance and supervision of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division Dean, where students may fulfill their required coursework and observe best practices.
  • an environment that supports the development of a well-prepared early care and education professional workforce as students observe and work with children in a consistent, research-based program where practical application is connected to theory.
  • well-qualified, supervisory CDC teachers who give students ongoing guidance and feedback to ensure a continuous interplay of theory, research and practice linking knowledge, skills and professional dispositions.
  • a limited number of paid employment opportunities for students where hours are documented so that they have the proof of experience necessary to obtain a Child Development Teacher Permit.
  • children and parents the opportunity to participate in a high-quality, state-funded preschool program