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Art Studio

The sensory table is set up to provide children experiences with materials that can easily be poured so that children can dig into, fill containers and pour. The play dough table is close by. Play dough is a Manipulative activity but needs some separation from the puzzles and manipulative toys so that these items cannot be ruined by the dough. Play dough is provided as a consistent daily activity. Some children rely upon the play dough table to provide a comfortable transitional activity when they arrive. Children often stop at the play dough table when they are coming inside and manipulate the dough while they scan the room and make their plan as to what activity and with whom they will play next. It provides younger children with a safe place to parallel play and imitate other children in the use of the materials. It is also a great social equalizer, providing a place for engaging conversation and bringing children together to plan another activity to do after the dough.

Who To Contact

  • Anne Adamson
    Child Development Center Director
    Phone: 831-755-6945
    Building: M - Child Development Center
    Child Development Center