Mostafa Ghous, Dean of South County Educational Services Administration 386-7100 June 2021
Jessica Green, Curriculum and Scheduling Specialist Classified 755-6717 June 2021
Diane Harley, ESL/English Faculty Academic Senate 755-6902 June 2021
Carla Johnson, Dean of Student Affairs Administration 759-6006 June 2021
Balamurali Kappagantula,
Director of Information Technology Resources
Administration 755-6748 Permanent
Elizabeth Morales, Business Faculty Academic Senate 755-6777 June 2021
Daniel Orta, Computer Science Student Associated Students 755-6734 June 2021
David Orta, Computer Science Student Associated Students 755-6734 June 2021
Stephen Otero, Technology Specialist Classified 770-6107 June 2021
Nicholas Pasquale, Math Faculty Academic Senate
755-6919 June 2021
Dave Phillips, VP of Information Technology Resources, Co-chair Administration 755-6729 Permanent
Deborah Stephens, Systems and Technology Librarian, Co-chair Academic Senate 759-6064 June 2021
David Techaira, Accounting Manager Classified Manager, Supervisory, Confidential 755-6835 June 2021
Matthew Trengove, Director of Institutional Research Administration 755-6854 June 2021
Vacant L-39     June 2021
Waiting for Assignment
Distance Education Coordinator     Permanent