Annual Open Enrollment Window Is Closed

The Section 125 Plan open enrollment window runs alongside the District's Health Insurance open enrollment period every November. All open enrollment changes are effective as of the new calendar plan year, January 1st.

Regular employees may voluntarily elect to have pre-tax paycheck deductions deposited into a Section 125 Plan Healthcare Spending account and/or Dependent Day Care Spending account. Employee expenses spent for qualified healthcare and/or dependent day care expenses can then be reimbursed tax-free from their Section 125 account. 

New employees can enroll in the Section 125 Plan within 30 days of hire; current employees who experience a "life event" may enroll in the plan within 30 days of the occurrence of the qualifying "life event"; otherwise, employees may only enroll in the Section 125 Plan during the November open enrollment period.


Open enrollment in the Section 125 plan is conducted fully online.  Employees enrolled in the current calendar year, must re-enroll during the November open enrollment in order to participate in the next calendar year (i.e., re-enroll in November 2019 for participation effective January 1, 2020).  


Employees who are eligible for healthcare coverage and elect to enroll in MCSIG healthcare coverage costing less than the District's "Base Plan" (PPO$25) coverage will automatically be enrolled in the District's HRA (Health Reimbursement Account).  A District-paid contribution is deposited into the HRA for each month of coverage maintained under the alternate MCSIG plan (for more information, see District Resources below).  


Employees who are receiving the District's contribution to the HRA may also voluntarily elect to enroll in the Section 125 plan.  The employee's Section 125 paycheck deduction, and the District's HRA contribution, can achieve an increase in healthcare reimbursement dollars for that year.  Note: Employee HRA enrollment/re-enrollment is automatically managed by the District, simultaneous with employee healthcare coverage enrollment and changes. 


MidAmerica Administrative & Retirement Solutions   is the third-party administrator providing integrated services for the Section 125 Plan and the HRA Plan. 


Employees who re-enroll in the Section 125 plan during November's on-line open enrollment can verify their on-line enrollment by logging into the MidAmerica Health & Welfare Portal , or by directing any questions to the MidAmerica Customer Service Center at 1-855-329-0095.


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