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NEW!  Important AB1469 Information:

CalSTRS AB1469 Member & Employer Contribution Increases
CalSTRS Commends Legislature Passage of AB1469 Long-Term Funding Plan
CalSTRS Funding Plan / AB1469 Overview
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Advisory

  See:  Hartnell College Employees Retirement  GuidE



Employees performing classified work of 20+ hours per week
or 1,000 hours in a fiscal year.


Full-time Instructors, Substitutes working 100 days an academic year.  
Adjuncts working 60 hours a pay period or a 50% FTE, academic administrators,
or any eligible employee who voluntarily elects membership.

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MYCalPERS - Self Service Tutorial video  (Learn about my|CalPERS self-service features to manage your CalPERS account in real-time and create and save retirement estimates. - 12 minutes viewing time.)

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CalPERS School Benefits Handbook - Retirement   (PDF)

CalPERS: Guide to Power of Attorney
CalPERS: Guide Planning Your Service Retirement
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CalPERS: Guide to Service Credit Purchase Options  
( Includes forms for Redeposit of Contributions, Military Service, Peace Corps/AmeriCorps/VISTA, Service Prior to Membership, LOA, Layoff, Prior Service, Optional Member Service, National Guard, and Alternate Retirement Program purchase options )

CalPERS: Guide to Service Retirement Election Application  
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CalPERS 2016-17 Employer & Employee Contribution Rates

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( Includes forms for Redeposit of Contributions, Permissive Service Credit, and Non-qualified Service )

CalSTRS: Guide to Service Retirement
( Includes forms for Retirement Estimate Request, Retirement Application, Justification for Absence of Spouse/DP Signature, and Direct Deposit Authorization )

Service Retirement Application Process

CalSTRS: Social Security, CalSTRS and You  
( Fact sheet about the affects your CalSTRS benefit may have on receiving Social Security benefits )

CalSTRS: Working After Retirement


(Available to BOTH classified and academic employees)

National Retirement Planning Coalition
Help Choosing a Voluntary Retirement Plan
IRS Retirement FAQs
CA Dept. Of Insurance Intro to Annuities

403(b) PLANS

MidAmerica Administrative & Retirement Solutions, Inc
Provides 403(b) administrative services for all contributions, distributions, and roll-overs

403(b) Forms*, Procedures, and Notices

Participating 403(b) Vendor list 
(select "My Employer," then select "All")

* Note: Plan number is 77-0086025; Completed forms MUST be received at MidAmerica by the last buiness day of the month to be processed for last day of the following month. 

Also See:
IRS 403(b) page

On-Line IRS publication #571: Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plans (403(b) Plans)

457(b) PLANS

C alPERS 457 Supplemental Retirement Plan - Home
* Note CalPERS 457 plan number 450-471 when completing forms

See Video: " CalPERS 457 Plan Introduction ."
(4 minutes total viewing time)

See Video: " Bridging the Gap: Enrolling in CalPERS Supplemental Income 457 Plan "
(5.36 minutes total viewing time)

CalPERS 457 Forms
CalPERS 457 Enrollment Kit (PDF)
CalPERS 457 Change of Address  
CalPERS members use MYCalPERS )

CalPERS 457 Phone Review Friday's: Telephone Appointments

Also see:   IRS 457(b) page

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