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California law guarantees certain benefits to employees who are injured or become ill because of work performed in the course of the job. Some of the benefits are medical care, payment for lost wages, and rehabilitation.



In December 2020, the District implemented the Company Nurse Program to facilitate 24/7 assistance to employees who need to report a work-related injury/illness, access and seek medical treatment for the injury/illness, and receive assistance throughout the treatment journey.   

Call Company Nurse at 1-877-518-6702 and reference your Company Search Code: QT279

More information about the Company Nurse Program:


Employees should access their Workers' Compensation Benefits by following the steps below:
  1. Notify your direct supervisor/manager and call the Company Nurse Program at 1-877-518-6702 and share details of your incident/situation with Company Nurse (see above Company Nurse Program links); 

  2. Complete and return the Workers' Compensation Claim Form as soon as possible (see "Forms" below);

  3. Complete as much of the Supervisor's Accident Report Form as possible, sign and submit it to your supervisor/manager (they will fill in any missing information and return it to HR after it is fully completed and signed by both of you).

  4. Seek treatment from one of the Panel Provides listed below, or from your pre-designated physician on file.


Employees can receive treatment from their pre-designated Personal Physician if the pre-designation is provided in writing, to the District before experiencing a work related injury/illness.  Employees who do not pre-designate a Personal Physician  seek treatment from a Panel Providers listed below.

PANEL PROVIDERS (listed in alphabetical order):

Doctors On Duty  (locations in Salinas, Marina, Seaside, Monterey, and Watsonville)
Pinnacle Health Care (locations in Salinas, King City, Hollister, and Watsonville)
WorkWell Medical Group (locations in Salinas and King City)
Harbor Health Medical Provider Network (See "Workers' Compensation Notice" above)

Note: Additional information from the Department of Industrial Relations:

Information and Assistance: How to file a claim (.pdf)

(Last update: 05/24/22)