The estimated cost for an International Student to attend Hartnell College for a full academic year is $25,000 US Dollars (excluding all travel expenses.)  Additional funds must be available for those who plan to remain in the United States during the summer.

All tuition fees are due by the deadline dates.  If tuition fees are not paid by the deadline dates your classes will be dropped for the upcoming semester for non-payment. 

Expenses are estimated as follows:  


Spring 2021 Semester

2020 - 2021 Academic Year

(2 semesters)

Non-Resident/ Foreign Tuition 

(12 units @ $286* per unit)

$3,432 US Dollars

$6,864 US Dollars

CA Enrollment Fee

(12 units @ $46* per unit)

$552 US Dollars

$1,104 US Dollars

Hartnell College Student Activity Fee

$12 US Dollars

$24 US Dollars

Books and Supplies

(estimated costs)

$873 US Dollars

$1,746 US Dollars

Medical Insurance (mandatory)

(estimated costs)

$670 US Dollars

$1,340 US Dollars

Living Expenses

(estimated housing and transportation costs)

$6,385 US Dollars

$12,770 US Dollars


$1,400 US Dollars

$2,800 US Dollars


$13,324 US Dollars

$26,648 Dollars

*Fees shown are subject to change.  The District reserves the right to change enrollment and non-resident/foreign tuition fees based on state legislation. 

Department of Homeland Security and Hartnell College require each applicant to submit a bank verification of funds (in US Dollars) certifying that the prospective student has sufficient funds to insure full payment of expenses of the student’s attendance at Hartnell College.

Hartnell College accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Cards, and Traveler's Checks.