Getting back and forth to college classes just got more affordable for Hartnell College students!

Monterey Salinas Transit

Monterey-Salinas Transit honors a "Free Fare Zone" for all Hartnell College students who board an MST bus at one of the college's fixed route bus stops. Students may board a bus on the Main Campus, Alisal Campus and King City Center for free and receive one transfer to a bus that continues outward to complete their one-way trip from Hartnell.

This effectively cuts the costs of public transportation for students in half. Once they pay the regular fare to get to Hartnell's Main or Alisal Campus, their ride home is FREE!

Monterey Salinas Transit #48 Bus Route and Schedule
Monterey Salinas Transit #47 Bus Route and Schedule

This year-long project, which runs seven days a week, is funded through the Associated Students of Hartnell College.

Here are the details:

1. Students may board a bus for free at one of the four MST stops. They are located in front of the Main Campus at the corner of Homestead Avenue and W. Alisal Street, at the MST bus stop at the circle between the parking garage and the library, the bus stop located on the Alisal Campus and at the King City Center located on 1st & Pearl. Just show your valid Hartnell College student ID to get home from Campus for free.

2. For students needing to transfer to another bus to complete their outward trip from Hartnell, simply request a transfer at the time you board the bus at Hartnell. Your transfer is good for one additional outbound ride within the next two hours. (You must show your Hartnell ID on the next bus, too, along with the transfer).

3. Students enrolled in the MST RIDES paratransit program are also eligible for the Free Fare Zone for their trips away from the campus, so long as they are going to a destination within the MST RIDES zone.

Students, remember the simple rules:

A. You must have your Hartnell ID with you.

B. If you need a transfer, you must ask for it as soon as you board the bus at Hartnell!

C. The transfer is good for two hours, but cannot be used to come back to Hartnell.