Getting back and forth to college classes just got more affordable for Hartnell College students!

Monterey Salinas Transit


Hartnell College proudly joins with Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) to announce that our students will be able to ride FREE on ALL MST routes simply by presenting their valid student ID to the driver -- any day, any time. This service will begin on Aug. 12 and continue for at least the next year and hopefully into the future. The best way to continue it is to use it!

Here are the details:

This benefit, part of MST's Free Fare Zone program, replaces Hartnell's current arrangement with MST, in which students with a valid Hartnell ID paid half-fare on buses traveling to and from Hartnell campuses.  
The partnership is being funded in large part by a greenhouse gas-reduction grant that MST is using to support Hartnell. The Hartnell Community College District Governing Board gave its support to the arrangement on Aug. 6. 
Students will not only be able to ride free to all three of campuses, but throughout their daily lives. They will save money and reduce their carbon footprint.




15 Tips And Tricks

To Follow Now That Your

Bus Fare Is Free!



Michaela Miller

Hartnell Student Michaela Miller
  Michaela is a student  majoring in Sociology who takes advantage of the many resources available in OSL.


1. Make sure you stand directly by the bus stop pole so the bus does not pass you by.

2. Leave 30 minutes to an hour before your bus leaves, especially if you have walking travel time.

3. For any special requirements please inform the bus driver of the services you need and obtain.

4. Time and location of the stops is in red on the black box in the front top of the bus after the first entrance way. 

5. Have many different bus options, times, and routes as back-up plans just in case you miss a certain bus or time, if the bus never comes, or if the bus driver is rude and passes you by.  Which brings us to the next tip.

6. If the bus driver passes you or is rude in any way, don’t have a bad day, there are many other bus options and know you will be getting off the bus soon and continuing your life beyond the bus as the bus is transportation, not your destination.

7. Make sure to eat before or after you get on the bus and/or keep small snacks hidden like wrapped candy and gum.

8. Maintain a calm and cordial attitude when people access the bus that have a different mental health level than you. ALWAYS remain respectful and optimistic

9. Leave space for elderly, mental health, and disabled/disability riders to sit in front of the bus for ease of access. 

10. Learn first aid and disaster/worst case scenario procedures @ or search-up MST bus saftey procedures. 

11. Pull yellow cord to request the bus to stop at any location that is not the MST Transit Station.

12. MST will announce on the bus when they have arrived to the MST Bus Station in English and Spanish.

13. If you need a translator/interpreter contact 888-678-2871 / Free language assistance / Asistencia de lenguaje gratuito / Libreng tulong para sa wika / Hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ miễn phí / 무료 언어 지원

 14. The MST BUS Station is located at 118 Lincoln Ave, Salinas, CA 93901 and the phone number to contact at the front desk, call 1-(888)-MST-BUS1 OR 1-(888)-678-2871 go on their website @ 

15. The MST Bus Station is located in Old Town Salinas and is close not only to Hartnell but many other attractions, for example, Antique Shops, numerous theaters including Ariel,Maya,and Fox,delicious restaurants including 201 Georgios, Patria, and Dudley’s, both The Steinbeck Museum and House/Restaurant, and much more



Who To Contact

  • Augustine
    Phone: (831) 755-6825
    Building: Hartnell College Main Campus
    Office: Building C, Room 104
    411 Central Avenue, Salinas, CA 93901


  • C - John Steinbeck

    Student Center

    C - John Steinbeck Student Center 

    Office Hours:

    M-Th:  9:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm