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    Need a place to unwind or de-stress? Need a change of atmosphere in between classes? Need more gaming in your life? Need a spot for your Hartnell Club to hold their meeting? Then stop by the Office of Student Life and hang out with us...

OSL Mission

Is to engage students in meaningful activities that will strengthen their understanding of college life by participating in programs and services that will support their educational and life-long learning.

FAQ's and Useful Links

Clubs and Organizations : Find out what kind of clubs and organizations Hartnell College has to offer students. If you don't see a club that you are interested in, start one! We can help you get your club up and running for success. All we need from you is the desire to make a difference in our community through an Official Hartnell club.

Reserve ASHC Conference  Room C101 : Request access for a club/department meeting to be held in this room. (Note: ASHC reserves the right to re-locate any meeting that has been reserved in the event that it is needed.)

Arts and Entertainment: Western Stage and ASHC have partnered up and are able to offer two (2) free tickets to any of the "Main Stage" performances with your valid Student ID card. (Note: One (1) free ticket can be issued for any "Studio Theatre" performance at the Box office during normal businesss hours. 


Calculator Rental Program: Download and print the semester's application to rent a TI-84+ scientific calculator. ASHC has purchased over 100 calculators for students who are taking a Math course where it is required to have. (Note:Must have valid Student ID, application completed, schedule verified, and $20 cash or check only.)

Game Center (Rules and Guidelines): Relieve some stress and visit our Game Center in the Student Lounge for a couple of hours. (Note: Please bring any games or additional controllers if needed.)


Programs and Services offered by

ASHC  Take a look at all the services that are offered with your valid CATCARD/Student ID card.


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