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Your trip will be easier and more enjoyable knowing a few parking rules in advance, and understanding where to park on Main Campus and Alisal Campus (see all Hartnell College Campus maps here).

Only park in appropriately designated spots - do not back into parking spots or park your large car in a compact space. 

Take note of painted parking space restrictions, and be sure to follow instructions on the signs posted at the entrances of parking areas.

Parking is $2 per day and most of the machines are payable with quarters only; however, there are two electronic machines on the first floor of the parking structure that accept dollar bills. 

Retrieve a paper permit from one of the machines and be sure to place the permit in clear view on your dashboard, as instructed.  Students may purchase a semester pass at a reduced rate (Student ID # needed). 

If you traveling to campus by bus, bike, rideshare, or carpool, see our alternative transportation page. Bicycle racks are stationed on the south front of building A, and between buildings C and N.  

Main Campus Parking Structure:

Students, faculty, and the general public are encouraged to use the parking structure when driving to Main Campus.   

The three-level parking structure sits on the north side of campus, at Central Avenue, between Cypress Street and the cul-de-sac.  There are two entrances to the structure, directly off Cypress Street and the cul-de-Sac.

Like our parking lots, the parking structure costs $2 per day, or is free with a valid Hartnell College Parking Permit properly displayed from the vehicle's rear-view mirror.   

The parking structure includes dedicated parking for motorcycles, compact cars, disabled parking, carpoool parking, electric vehicle charging spaces, and 5-minute Starbucks mobile pick-up parking.

The eVgo charging spaces, permitted carpool parking, and Starbucks parking are located on the first level.
(For a free Carpool parking permit, submit a completed Carpool Parking Permit Application to the Cashier's Office in building B.) 

Main Campus Parking Lots:

East Lot #2 is located directly off Homestead Avenue.  It only provides dedicated 30-minute parking, Disabled parking, and a single parking space for a quick 5-minute Starbucks mobile order pickup.  

South lots #3 and #4 are located directly off West Alisal Street.  Lot #3 sits between Nursing Health Sciences (building O) and Athletics (buildings H, G, and F ). Lot #4 sits  between the pool and tennis courts, adjacent to Visual Arts (building J). Both also have designated 30-minute and disabled parking.

South Lot #5 is designated bus and large vehicle parking during sports and other events.  It is also located on the south side of campus directly off West Alisal Street, at the back side of the baseball field.


All provisions of the California Vehicle Code are incorporated within the Traffic and Parking Regulations and, therefore, are applicable on college grounds (this is Section 114  of our regulations). Generally, parking regulations are enforced Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. See our full parking regulations here.

Parking Permits Are Required
You must display a current and valid permit that can be clearly seen through the front Windshield of your vehicle. All daily permits must be displayed and visible on the dashboard inside your vehicle.  This requirement applies to any motorized vehicle parked on campus.  (This is Section 101)

Faculty and Staff Parking Spaces
Parking spaces designated with the word "STAFF" and/or painted orange parking stops, are for Faculty and Staff parking only. A valid Hartnell Faculty/Staff parking permit must visibly displayed from the vehicle's rear view mirror, or a special temporary permit must be displayed in accordance with Section 101.  (This is Section 102)

Park Within Marked Spaces, Head-First (Do NOT Back In)
Park within the inside limits of marked parking stalls, do not encroach outside the designated parking space, and use only one stall. When parking in the Main Campus parking structure, be sure to park between the two inside parallel lines. (This is Section 108).

Pay Attention to Painted Curbs
Painted curbs indicate restricted parking. The color of the painted curb denotes the type of parking restriction (We use California Vehicle Code for this, Section 21458):

a. RED Curb – Never park or stand here! Red indicates no stopping, standing, or parking, whether the vehicle is occupied or unattended.
b. GREEN Curb or spaces – You have 20 minutes only! This is truly for a dash-in, dash-out visit to our campus.
c. YELLOW Curb –This is a loading and unloading zone, with a 15-minute limit. 
d. BLUE Curb or spaces – this is for handicapped/disabled parking only; all others will be heavily fined, no excuses! (this is Section 112).

Remember, these are only some of the very reasonable rules we enforce so that we can all enjoy parking here. We hope you enjoy your visit to our beautiful campus. 

For clarification of parking Information or to inquire about a parking citation, please contact us or leave a message at (831) 770-7001. 

Click here the full information on-campus parking regulations.

Page last updated: 12/15/23

Who To Contact

  • Edwina Tangitau  
    Director of Public Safety
    Phone: 831-770-7013
    Building: Main Campus Bldg E - 115 Administration Building (South)