The following crime statistic reports reflect the mandatory reporting offenses as specified in the Jeanne Clery Act. The reports display crime data over the past three calendar years and are separated by crimes occurring on college property and crimes occurring on the bordering streets of the college. These numbers may or may not be duplicated and included in the crime statistic reports.

All 2020 Crime statistics are posted in the body of the Annual Security Report (ASR) or CLERY Report. Please refer to the link for the Annual Security Report (ASR).

ASR Crime Statistics Reports

Crime Statistics 2021 (2022 Annual Security Report)

Crime Statistics 2020 (2021 Annual Security Report)

Crime Statistics 2019

Crime Statistics 2018

Crime Statistics 2017

Crime Statistics 2016

Crime Statistics 2015

Crime Statistics 2014

Crime Statistics 2013

Crime Statistics 2012

Crime Statistics 2011

Crime Statistics 2010

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