DSPS is here to support DSPS students, and work in partnership with faculty on student’s receipt of accommodations and services in Hartnell College classes, whether online, in person or at an off-site location.  Please follow each of the steps below.

  1. Preparation to Complete Forms
    1. Have your Hartnell Student ID number to include on the forms
  2. Steps to Register with DSPS
    1. Have your medical professional complete the Verification of Disability and submit to DSPS via email or through the electronic submission process. Please note, the license number of the medical professional needs to be listed on the form.
    2. Complete the DSPS Application for Services online form, and click on Submit after completing the form. Please ensure you are listing your most up-to-date phone (preferably cell) number and Hartnell student email address on the form.
    3. Complete the DSPS Consent to Release Information – On Campus online form and click on Submit after completing the form.
    4. Complete the DSPS Student Appointment Request online form and click on Submit after completing the form.