We Will Get Through This Together!

As a student who is new to DSPS or Hartnell, students need to complete the registration and intake process with a DSPS counselor, before eligibility for accommodations and services can begin.

Registration with DSPS involves 4 Main Steps:

  1. Submitting a Verification of Disability form, completed by a medical professional.
  2. Scheduling an appointment with a DSPS counselor.
  3. Obtaining an accommodation letter for each class, for each semester.
  4. Communicating with individual faculty, in a confidential manner, regarding receipt of accommodations and services in an online class.

Before you get started, please have your Hartnell ID number ready, as you will need to enter the number on all of the online forms.  Ready, set, go!

                              Start the Registration for DSPS Accommodations and Services