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Welcome to DSPS

We're here to support you in achieving your academic goals! Additionally, we provide services and counseling to help facilitate personal development. We encourage Self Advocacy - which means that you understand your disability and are able to take responsibility for requesting the services that you need to succeed; you stand up for yourself and your rights. To start building your Self Advocacy skills, follow these Tips and use the Links below to find more information:


  • See your DSPS Counselor each semester 
  • Be on time for your appointments
  • Be on time for your exams
  • Update your Educational Plan
  • Complete your Accommodations Request each semester
  • Know the DSPS Policies and Procedures
  • Take advantage of Priority Registration


Hartnell College will make reasonable accommodations and/or academic adjustments to ensure that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in the college's courses, programs, and activities, including extracurricular activities. Students with disabilities who are requesting academic accommodations or auxiliary aids should contact the Department of Supportive Program & Services Office (DSPS) at (831) 755-6760. Participation by students with disabilities in DSPS is voluntary. Any student choosing not to participate in the program may elect an alternate path for services through the Associate Vice President of Human Resources/ADA Officer. See the Associate Vice President of Human Resources/ADA Officer for options or alternatives to services otherwise provided by the DSPS Office (831) 755-6706.

The  Department of Supportive Programs and Services  provides assistance for students with various types of disabilities (visual and hearing impairments, speech and communication problems, physical and brain injuries, learning disabilities, psychological problems, etc.) as well as for persons referred for training by rehabilitation agencies.