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Field trips require the approval by the Dean of your department at least 5 working days prior to the trip, occurring within the State of California, using the appropriate forms. NOTE: Per BP 4300, field trips or excursions outside of the State of California require prior approval of the Superintendent/President. Also per BP 4300, field trips or excursions outside of the contiguous United States require prior approval of the Superintendent/President and the Board of Trustees.

Field Trip forms are available for download from this website. All students (participants) must sign & submit the "Field Trip / Excursion Notice" and the "Voluntary Activity Waiver, Release & Indemnity Agreement" forms. It is the instructor or advisor’s responsibility to distribute, collect and turn in these forms to the department Dean prior to the field trip.

The following should be adhered to when considering field trips:

  • Field trips must be related to the course objectives.
  • All field trips must be voluntary, i.e. any student who cannot attend must be provided with an optional assignment of equal value in grading.
  • Unless the College is providing the transportation, the instructor shall not mandate any aspect of the transportation including route of travel, “caravanning”, rider ship, time of travel, etc.
  • No student shall participate unless the Student Voluntary Field Trip/Excursion form has been signed;
  • During the field trip all Hartnell rules and regulations are to be observed since the field trip is an official function of Hartnell College.


Hartnell Field Trips Forms