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Acid indicators

The Chemistry program at Hartnell College is designed to meet the needs of the diverse community of interest served by the community college. A full program of chemistry for the professional scientist is offered through general chemistry and a two-semester course in organic chemistry. A separate track is offered for nursing students which includes general inorganic, organic and biochemistry. The Chemistry discipline also has a strong commitment to the student with no prior chemistry or one whose background is weak. The entire program is taught with a strong emphasis on the laboratory and in the more advanced classes, students receive hands-on experience with a wide variety of instruments.

Four-year graduates in chemistry are qualified for positions in research, industry, education, engineering, and the allied medical fields.

Chemistry Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Chemistry program, a student should be able to:

  • apply appropriate chemical theories, concepts, principles, methods, and laboratory skills to relevant science and engineering settings.
  • demonstrate competence in chemistry laboratory techniques and experimental methods.

Chemistry Faculty & Staff


  • Wendy Lampart
  • Michael McCarthy

Instructional Technicians - Chemistry Stockroom

  • Tony Chhom
  • Melanie Deiss

Chemistry Adjunct Faculty

  • Paria Bakhtar
  • Mary Touton
  • Kenneth Henry
  • Patricia Alexander