Administrative Staff: Email: Office Extension: Location:
Bliss, Shannon, MS
Dean of Math, Science, and Engineering 831-755-6875 S220
Ramirez, Alicia
Administrative Assistant III 831-755-6875 S215
Black, Joni
Science Lab Technician, Biology 831-755-6882 S116
Black, Meaghan
Science Lab Technician 831-759-6099 AC-C204
Chhom, Tony
Science Lab Technician, Chemistry & Biology 831-755-6871 S206
Cowden, Joy
Director, SMI, MESA, and STEM Internship 831-770-6131 S106
Deiss, Melanie
Science Lab Technician, Biology  831-755-6824 S206
Foster, Wayne
Planetarium Coordinator 831-755-6979 PLANET
Hutchins, Elizabeth
Science Lab Technician, Chemistry 831-755-6891 S203
Hutchins, Victoria
Science Lab Technician, Biology 831-755-6936 S116
Martinez-Aguilar, Ana
Program Assistant I, MESA 831-770-7034 S107
Polo, Tito
Science Lab Technician, Astronomy, Engineering, Geology, and Physics 831-755-6880 S210
Full-Time Faculty: Email: Office Extension: Location:
Arteaga, Sonia, BA, Ph.D
Computer Science 831-755-6741 AC-A104
Barminski, Robert, BS, MS
Geology & Oceanography Faculty 831-770-7056 S230
Butler, Jim, BS, MS
Math Faculty 831-755-6732 S237
Contreras, Leti, BA, MS
Math Faculty 831-770-7053 D251
Coria, Jose, BS, MS
Computer Science Faculty 831-755-6941 AC-C201
Edens, Alex, BS, Ph.D.
Biology Faculty 831-770-7055 S233
Gutierrez, Emily
Computer Science Faculty 831-755-6747 AC-C201
Fatuzzo, Laura, BS, MS
Physics Faculty 831-770-7017 S231
Hornstein, Melissa, BS, MS, Ph.D.
Engineering, Physics, & Math Faculty 831-755-6889 S228
Hughey, Jeff, BA, MA, Ph. D.
Biology Faculty 831-770-7054 S229
Hussain, Mohammad, BA, MS, M.Ed., MBA
Math Faculty 831-770-7052 D255
Locke, Kelly, BA, MS, DPA
Math Faculty 831-755-6758


Manrique, Miguel-Angel
Math Faculty 831-755-6925 D367
McCarthy, Michael
Chemistry Instructor 831-759-6005 S232
Moorhouse, Jennifer
Math Faculty 831-755-6895 N27
Moss, Chris, BA, MA
Math Faculty 831-755-6859 D268
Moth, Pimol, BA, MS, Ph.D.
Astronomy & Physics Faculty 831-755-6893 S227
Palmer, Brian
Math Faculty 831-755-6765 S234
Pasquale, Nicholas, BS, MA
Math Faculty 831-755-6919 S236
Perez, John, AS, BS, MS
Math Faculty 831-755-6724 D264
Perkins, Greg, BA, MA
Math Faculty 831-755-6705 K142
Rayappan, Mary, MBA, Ph.D.
Math Faculty 831-755-6757 S235
Riley, Jim, BA, MS
Math Faculty 831-755-6749 D257
Svendsen, Christine, BA, MS
Computer Science 831-755-6851 E205
Taketomo, Amy, BA, MS
Chemistry Faculty 831-755-6886 S223
Urtecho, Jean-Baptiste
Biology Faculty 831-755-6921 S224
Vazquez, Senorina, BA, MA, MS
Math Faculty 831-755-6743 E214
Weber, Mark, BA, MA
Math Faculty 831-755-6947 D260
Wheat, Nancy, BS, MS
Biology Faculty 831-755-6881 S222
Wright, Ann, BA, Ph.D.
Biology Faculty 831-770-6112 S225
Yahdi, Mohammad, BS, MS, Ph.D.
Math Faculty 831-755-6922 D258
Yee, Lawrence, BS, MS
Chemistry Faculty 831-755-6887 S226
Part-Time Faculty: Email:
Aleu, Gerardo
Math Adjunct Faculty
Anderson, Rachel
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Braginton, Pauline
Math Adjunct Faculty
Burce, Gary
Chemistry Adjunct Faculty
Deutschle, Philip
Astronomy Adjunct Faculty
Ducote, Keith
Geography Adjunct Faculty
Fan, Sewan
Physics Adjunct Faculty
Ferraris, Isabel
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Gregorio, Dominic
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Guido, Michele
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Hacker, Veronica
Math Adjunct Faculty
Hayes, Robin
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Holder, Grant
Chemistry Adjunct Faculty
Hubbard, Jonathan
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Kato, Jennifer
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Khadka, Dhan
Physics Adjunct Faculty
Lancaster, Michael
Chemistry Adjunct Faculty
Liao, YaoTang
Physics & Math Adjunct Faculty
Love, Matthew
Chemistry Adjunct Faculty
Mooney, Mariam
Math Adjunct Faculty
Moorhouse, Jennifer
Math Adjunct Faculty
Panggat, Rosser
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Panggat, Ver
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Potter, Raylene
Math Adjunct Faculty
Raeder van Stirum, Tina
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Ramirez, Pedro
Math Adjunct Faculty
Rossi, Franca
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Shin, Sungtack
Math Adjunct Faculty
Sinh, Nguyen
Math Adjunct Faculty
Steinhardt, Alicia
Biology Adjunct Faculty
Tiraie, Afshin
Math Adjunct Faculty
Touton, Mary
Biology & Chemistry Adjunct Faculty
Vanden Heuvel, Andrew
Astronomy Adjunct Faculty
Welch, Joe
Computer Science Adjunct Faculty
Willahan, Daune
Geology Adjunct Faculty
Withers, Neil
Math Adjunct Faculty
Zaheer, John
Math Adjunct Faculty