Essential Resources for Curriculum Committee Members

 Program and Course Approval Handbook, 7th ed., adopted by Board of Governors, 2019

Taxonomy of Programs (TOP codes), revised 6/2012 

SLOs by Discipline Link to CurricuNet report generator

The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide Revisited, adopted by ASCCC, Spring 2017


Units and Hours

Credit Hours and Units Guidelines, presented at Curriculum Institute, 2017

Units and Hours Summary,  Kelly Locke presented to CC October 2017

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Prerequisites, Corequisites, Advisories, and other Limitations on Enrollment,  Kelly Locke, presented to CC October 2017

Guidelines forTitle 5 Regulations Section 55003: Policies for Prerequisites,Corequisites and Advisories on Recommended Preparation, adopted by Board of Governors, March 2011.

Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in the California Community Colleges, 12th ed, aka "The Disciplines List," adopted by Board of Governors, July 2017

Faculty Resources for Program Development

Effective Practices for Program Revision and Development, Presentation by Kelly Locke, May 2018

Based in part on Effective Practices for Educational Program Development, ASCCC paper,  2018 

Faculty Resources for Course Revision and Development

Course Outline Style Sheet

Other Community College Course Outlines  (California Intersegmental Articulation Council site at CSUSB)

Bloom's Taxonomy Verb List

Courses with C-ID numbers--for descriptors (descriptions, content and objectives) of courses that can be articulated with other CCCs and CSUs.  

Transfer Model Curricula (TMC)--for AS-T and AA-T degree development information.

CurricUNET User's Guide     Note that some elements of the User's Guide may be out-of-date.  For questions about using CurricUNET, please contact Kelly Locke,

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures on Curriculum

Academic Senate - Shared Governance   BP 2005 AP 2005 (none)
College Catalog   BP 4005  AP 4005 (none)
Cooperative Work Experience         BP 4015 AP 4015 (none)
Course Approval  BP 4022 (none) AP 4022
Course Repetition/Enrollment Limitations BP 4225 AP 4225
Establishing, Revitalizing, or Discontinuing Academic Programs BP 4021 AP 4021
Grading and Academic Records Symbols BP 4230 AP 4230
Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education BP 4025 AP 4025
Prerequisites and Corequisites BP 4260 AP 4260
Program, Curriculum, and Course Development BP 4020 AP 4020
Required Instructional Materials BP 4205 AP 4205 (none)
Standards of Scholarship BP 4220 AP 4220 (none)
Textbooks and Manuals BP 4200 AP 4200 (none)