April 26, 2018 04-26-18 04-26-18

Draft Minutes 03-22-18

2018-19 Council Meeting Dates

2018-19 Academic Calendar

UC Graduate Enrollment Presentation

Hartnell Mobile App Presentation

Adult Education Presentation

Student Affairs Monthly Report

March 22, 2018 03-22-18 03-22-18

Draft Minutes 02-22-18

Student Parent Club Presentation

Student Parent Letter - Claudia Verni

Student Parent Peer Review Article

16-Week Calendar Request Approval Letter

16-Week Calendar Presentation - Board Development

Enrollment Update

PPA Template and Process:

a. Strategic Initiative Report

b. Non-Instructional Guided Pathways Program Review

c. Non-Instructional Guided Pathways Program Review for Counselors

Student Affairs Monthly Report

February 22, 2018 02-22-18 02-22-18

Draft Minutes 01-25-18

Housing and Food Insecurities Presentation

Housing and Food Insecurities Survey Results

Housing and Food Insecurities Results Chart

Governor's Proposed Budget 2018-19

Governor's Proposed Budget 2018-19 Presentation

Summer Outreach Strategies Presentation

Summer Outreach Strategies Report

January 25, 2018 01-25-18 01-25-18

Draft Minutes 11-16-17

FERPA Presentation

FERPA Privacy Handout for Staff

Enrollment Update

High Unit Majors

DACA Renewal Announcement

DACA Renewal Announcement FAQ

DACA Renewal Clinic

Dismissal Notice, Process & Petition

Student Affairs Monthly Update

November 16, 2017 11-16-17 11-16-17

Draft Minutes 10-26-17

Integrated Plan Draft

Student Affairs Division Monthly Update

AB 705 Assessment - Bill

AB 705 - Q&A

Guided Pathways Allocation Memo

Guided Pathways Total Allocation 

Guided Pathways Timeline for Awards

Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool

Takeaways from Guided Pathways Workshop

CA Ed Code 58108

Psi Beta Honor Society Presentation

October 26, 2017 10-26-17 10-26-17

Draft Minutes 09-28-17

Governance Council Handbook Update

Registration Rally Layout

SB 1391 Presentation

Student Affairs Monthly Update

Degree and Certificate Data Through Summer 2017

Accreditation Update

AB 705 Media Statement

AB 705 - Bill Text

September 28, 2017 09-28-17 09-28-17

Draft Minutes 08-24-17

Request for Priority Registration - MESA

ACCJ Training Overview

ACCJC Self Evaluation Timeline

Student Affairs Prioritized Resource Allocation Requests

DACA Renewal Clinics

Mi CASA Presentation

Mi CASA Brochure

Student Affairs Monthly Report

Multiple Measures Presentation

Math Placement Decision Rules

EOPS/CARE Workshop Wednesdays

Food Security Allocations Memo

2015-16 Apportionment Attendance Report 

Community College Completion Grant Memo

Community College Completion Grant Scenarios

August 24, 2017 08-24-17 08-24-17

Draft Minutes 05-18-17

Purpose and Overview of Governance

Student Affairs Council Handbook Review

Council Dates, 2017-18

Accreditation Updates

Student Affairs Division Update

Student Affairs Prioritized Resource Allocation Request



Who To Contact

  • Jacqueline Flores
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (831) 755-6822
    Building: B - Student Services
    Office: 123
    B - Student Services
  • Romero Jalomo
    Vice President of Student Affairs
    Phone: 755-6855
    Building: B - Student Services
    Office: 123
    B - Student Services