November 16, 2017 11-16-17 11-16-17

Draft Minutes 10-26-17

Integrated Plan Draft

Student Affairs Division Monthly Update

AB 705 Assessment - Bill

AB 705 - Q&A

Guided Pathways Allocation Memo

Guided Pathways Total Allocation 

Guided Pathways Timeline for Awards

Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool

Takeaways from Guided Pathways Workshop

CA Ed Code 58108

Psi Beta Honor Society Presentation

October 26, 2017 10-26-17 10-26-17

Draft Minutes 09-28-17

Governance Council Handbook Update

Registration Rally Layout

SB 1391 Presentation

Student Affairs Monthly Update

Degree and Certificate Data Through Summer 2017

Accreditation Update

AB 705 Media Statement

AB 705 - Bill Text

September 28, 2017 09-28-17 09-28-17

Draft Minutes 08-24-17

Request for Priority Registration - MESA

ACCJ Training Overview

ACCJC Self Evaluation Timeline

Student Affairs Prioritized Resource Allocation Requests

DACA Renewal Clinics

Mi CASA Presentation

Mi CASA Brochure

Student Affairs Monthly Report

Multiple Measures Presentation

Math Placement Decision Rules

EOPS/CARE Workshop Wednesdays

Food Security Allocations Memo

2015-16 Apportionment Attendance Report 

Community College Completion Grant Memo

Community College Completion Grant Scenarios

August 24, 2017 08-24-17 08-24-17

Draft Minutes 05-18-17

Purpose and Overview of Governance

Student Affairs Council Handbook Review

Council Dates, 2017-18

Accreditation Updates

Student Affairs Division Update

Student Affairs Prioritized Resource Allocation Request

May 18, 2017 05-18-17 05-18-17

Draft Minutes 03-23-17

Proposed 2017-18 Meeting Dates

BP 5520: Shower Facilities for Students

AP 5520: Shower Facilities for Students

Multiple Measure Pilot Presentation

HC Math Placement Decision Rules 3-2017

Council Evaluation and Effectiveness Results

Monterey County High School Graduates 2022-23

Postsecondary Enrollment of High School Graduates

CSU and UC Transfers 2011-12 and 2015-16

UC Transfers 2015-16

March 23, 2017 03-23-17 03-23-17

Draft Minutes 02-23-17

Priority Registration Request: Dual Enrollment

Metrics for Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Organizing Framework for Institutional Goal-Setting

Proposed Institution-Set Standards for 2016-17

Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Stages of Development

Year 3 Framework & Proposed Goals for Institutional Effectiveness 2017-18 & 2022-23

BP 5140: Disabled Student Programs and Services

AP 5140: Disabled Student Programs and Services

Student Homelessness

Farm Workers Awareness Week Flyer

Music Extravaganza Flyer

February 23, 2017 02-23-17 02-23-17

Draft Minutes 01-26-17

Resolution 17:3 In Support of Undocumented 

Strong Workforce Presentation

Hartnell Equity Summit Registration

Hartnell Equity Summit Agenda

BP 5040: Student Education Records, Directory Information, and Privacy

AP 5040: Student Education Records, Directory Information, and Privacy

AP 4021: Establishing, Revitalizing, or Discontinuing Academic Programs

AP 4021 Request Form

Cash for College

Fall 2014 Enrollment of High School Graduates

Fall 2015 Enrollment of High School Graduates

January 26, 2017 01-26-17 01-26-17

Draft Minutes 12-09-16

Becoming a Dreamer Ally

FAFSA Completion by High School and Public School District

California College Promise Webinar

California College Promise Memo

California College Promise Innovation Grant RFA

Irvine Foundation Bridging the Gap Initiative

Rollout of Spring 2017 PPA Process

December 9, 2016 12-09-16 12-09-16

Draft Minutes 11-17-16

CTE Strong Workforce Presentation

Student Satisfaction Survey

Environmental Scan of Hartnell District

Fact Sheet and Resource Guide for Undocumented and Mixed Families (English)

Fact Sheet and Resource Guide for Undocumented and Mixed Families (Spanish)

Facilities Project List for Measure T Bond Measure

November 8, 2016 School Bond Results

November 8, 2016 Community College Bond Results

November 17, 2016 11-17-16 11-17-16

Draft Minutes 10-27-16

Personal Counseling

Dreamers Program Presentation

Guardian Scholars Program:

Mental Health First Aid

Crisis Counseling Services:

October 27, 2016 10-27-16 10-27-16

Draft Minutes 09-22-16

Review of Final Resource Allocations 2016-17:

HSI/STEM Grant Update

Enrollment Update

Upward Bound Grant Update:

Sociology Club Presentation: Youth Violence

September 22, 2016 09-22-16 09-22-16

Draft Minutes 08-25-16


Basic Skills Tool

MILE Presentation

MILE Flyer

MILE Mentor Invitation Letter

MILE Program Highlight - Salinas Valley Weekly


August 25, 2016 08-25-16 08-25-16

Draft Minutes 05-19-16

Purpose and Overview of Governance

Student Affairs Council Handbook

BP 3440: Service Animals

AP 3440: Service Animals

MST Free Fare Zone Presentation

Council Dates 2016-17

Student Affairs Division PPA's and Prioritized Resource Requests

Student Enrollment 2016-17 & Fall 2016

Welcome Back Dinner Flyer - Alisal Campus

Welcome Back Lunch Flyer - King City Center

May 19, 2016 05-19-16 05-19-16

Draft Minutes 04-28-16

AB104 Presentation

SB1391: Soledad CTF Program:

AB288: Soledad HS Dual Enrollment Program:

Study-A-Thon: King City Flyer

Study-A-Thon: Main Campus Flyer

April 28, 2016 04-28-16 04-28-16

Draft Minutes 03-24-16

Proposal of 2016-17 Meeting Dates

CIO/CSSO/Academic Conference Highlights

2016-17 Academic Calendar

Grants Updates

ASHC Online Elections Flyer

Hartnell's Got Talent Flyer

Law Day Flyer

Cinco de Mayo Celebration Flyer

March 24, 2016 03-24-16 03-24-16

Draft Minutes 02-25-16

AP 3515: Reporting of Crimes

AP 5500: Standards of Student Conduct

AP 5520: Student Discipline

Early Support Program

Guardian Scholars

Panther Prep

De-Registration and Dropping for Non-Payment

February 25, 2016 02-25-16 02-25-16

Draft Minutes 01-28-16

Special Programs Presentation

Mid-Term Report Presentation

Mid-Term Report

Loss of BOGW and Priority Registration:

Enrollment Update and De-Registration Process:

January 28, 2016 01-28-16 01-28-16

Draft Minutes 11-19-15

AP 5075: Course Adds and Withdrawals

AP 5075: Routing Form

BP 5110: Counseling

BP 5110: Routing Form

AP 5110: Counseling

BP 5300: Student Equity

AP 5300: Student Equity

AP 5610: Voter Registration

AP 5610: Routing Form

SSSP, SEP, BSI and HSI Comparison Chart

PTSD Services: Veterans Center

Enrollment Update and De-Registration Process:

Student Affairs - Special Programs

Academic Support System


November 19, 2015 11-19-15 11-19-15

Draft Minutes 10-22-15

AP 4101: Independent Study

Independent Study Contract

BP 5130: Financial Aid

AP 5130: Financial Aid

Student Equity Plan Presentation

Talent Search Grant Presentation

SSSP, SEP, BSI, Comparison Chart

Veterans Services and PTSD Services Presentation

October 22, 2015 10-22-15 10-22-15

Draft Minutes 09-24-15

BP 4250: Probation

AP 4250: Probation

AP 4255: Dismissal and Readmission

Student Affaris Prioritized Resource Allocation Matrix

Student Equity Plan Template

Student Equity Funding Formula Factors

Crisis Counseling and Helping the Student in Distress

Handout: Crisis Counseling and Helping the Student in Distress

Bright Futures Presentation

September 24, 2015 09-24-15 09-24-15

Draft Minutes 08-27-15


Priority Group Request - SI Leaders

BSI Action Plan

2015-16 Resource Allocation Requests

2015-16 Funding Decisions

2014-15 Resource Allocation Reconciliation

Student Affairs Prioritized Resource Allocation Matrix 

2015 Student Affairs PPA's:

Admissions & Records

Assessment Center

Career & Transfer Center

Counseling Services

Counseling Instruction

DSPS/Learning Skills Instruction


Financial Aid

High School Equivalency Program (HEP)

International Student Program

Student Life/Associated Students

TRiO Program

Veterans Services Center

National Campus Safety Awareness Month Events

August 27, 2015 08-27-15 08-27-15

Draft Minutes 05-07-15

Request for Priority Registration - HEP

Request for Group Priority Registration Consideration

Purpose and Overview of Governance

Student Affairs Council Handbook

Agenda Items by Month

Enrollment Targets and Progress

SSSP 2015-16 Update

Corridos! Tales of Passion and Revolution Press Release



Who To Contact

  • Jacqueline Flores
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (831) 755-6822
    Building: B - Student Services
    Office: 123
    B - Student Services
  • Romero Jalomo
    Vice President of Student Affairs
    Phone: 755-6855
    Building: B - Student Services
    Office: 123
    B - Student Services