May 19, 2016 05-19-16 05-19-16

Draft Minutes 04-28-16

AB104 Presentation

SB1391: Soledad CTF Program:

AB288: Soledad HS Dual Enrollment Program:

Study-A-Thon: King City Flyer

Study-A-Thon: Main Campus Flyer

April 28, 2016 04-28-16 04-28-16

Draft Minutes 03-24-16

Proposal of 2016-17 Meeting Dates

CIO/CSSO/Academic Conference Highlights

2016-17 Academic Calendar

Grants Updates

ASHC Online Elections Flyer

Hartnell's Got Talent Flyer

Law Day Flyer

Cinco de Mayo Celebration Flyer

March 24, 2016 03-24-16 03-24-16

Draft Minutes 02-25-16

AP 3515: Reporting of Crimes

AP 5500: Standards of Student Conduct

AP 5520: Student Discipline

Early Support Program

Guardian Scholars

Panther Prep

De-Registration and Dropping for Non-Payment

February 25, 2016 02-25-16 02-25-16

Draft Minutes 01-28-16

Special Programs Presentation

Mid-Term Report Presentation

Mid-Term Report

Loss of BOGW and Priority Registration:

Enrollment Update and De-Registration Process:

January 28, 2016 01-28-16 01-28-16

Draft Minutes 11-19-15

AP 5075: Course Adds and Withdrawals

AP 5075: Routing Form

BP 5110: Counseling

BP 5110: Routing Form

AP 5110: Counseling

BP 5300: Student Equity

AP 5300: Student Equity

AP 5610: Voter Registration

AP 5610: Routing Form

SSSP, SEP, BSI and HSI Comparison Chart

PTSD Services: Veterans Center

Enrollment Update and De-Registration Process:

Student Affairs - Special Programs

Academic Support System


November 19, 2015 11-19-15 11-19-15

Draft Minutes 10-22-15

AP 4101: Independent Study

Independent Study Contract

BP 5130: Financial Aid

AP 5130: Financial Aid

Student Equity Plan Presentation

Talent Search Grant Presentation

SSSP, SEP, BSI, Comparison Chart

Veterans Services and PTSD Services Presentation

October 22, 2015 10-22-15 10-22-15

Draft Minutes 09-24-15

BP 4250: Probation

AP 4250: Probation

AP 4255: Dismissal and Readmission

Student Affaris Prioritized Resource Allocation Matrix

Student Equity Plan Template

Student Equity Funding Formula Factors

Crisis Counseling and Helping the Student in Distress

Handout: Crisis Counseling and Helping the Student in Distress

Bright Futures Presentation

September 24, 2015 09-24-15 09-24-15

Draft Minutes 08-27-15


Priority Group Request - SI Leaders

BSI Action Plan

2015-16 Resource Allocation Requests

2015-16 Funding Decisions

2014-15 Resource Allocation Reconciliation

Student Affairs Prioritized Resource Allocation Matrix 

2015 Student Affairs PPA's:

Admissions & Records

Assessment Center

Career & Transfer Center

Counseling Services

Counseling Instruction

DSPS/Learning Skills Instruction


Financial Aid

High School Equivalency Program (HEP)

International Student Program

Student Life/Associated Students

TRiO Program

Veterans Services Center

National Campus Safety Awareness Month Events

August 27, 2015 08-27-15 08-27-15

Draft Minutes 05-07-15

Request for Priority Registration - HEP

Request for Group Priority Registration Consideration

Purpose and Overview of Governance

Student Affairs Council Handbook

Agenda Items by Month

Enrollment Targets and Progress

SSSP 2015-16 Update

Corridos! Tales of Passion and Revolution Press Release



Who To Contact

  • Jacqueline Flores
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (831) 755-6822
    Building: B - Student Services
    Office: 123
    B - Student Services
  • Romero Jalomo
    Vice President of Student Affairs
    Phone: 755-6855
    Building: B - Student Services
    Office: 123
    B - Student Services