Open Enrollment (Coming Nov 2022) FAQs

Open enrollment is held in November every year. During open enrollment, employees who are eligible for health coverage may change their medical plan enrollment, add coverage for themselves and/or dependents who were not previously enrolled in coverage; or in some cases, decline to continue existing coverage.   All open enrollment changes, additions, and declinations of coverage will become effective January 1st of next year (2023).  

Employees who wish to make a MCSIG plan change must complete, sign, and submit a MCSIG Change Form to Human Resources for processing before Monday, November 21, 2022 (See  "Forms" below).

NOTE:  MCSIG will not accept late or incomplete forms (missing signatures, supporting documentation, or incomplete information; employees who do not wish to make any MCSIG health coverage changes do not need to do anything during the open enrollment, since their existing enrollment will continue as is.

Any employees who wish to begin participation in the District's Section 125 reimbursement plan next year (2023), must contact Troy Pittock, Hartnell's American Fidelity Manager, to complete the Section 125 enrollment. Troy is currently accepting Open Enrollment Appointments per the below schedule:

Virtual:  The week of November 7 - 11, 2022, and
In-Person:   Wednesday, November 9, 2022

*Employees currently enrolled in the 2022 Section 125 plan, must RE-enroll for participation in 2023.

Hartnell College provides full-time employee health coverage through  Municipalities, Colleges, and Schools Insurance Group (MCSIG).  Employees also have the opportunity to voluntarily participate in supplemental District coverage

Full-time  employees may select from a menu of medical plan options offered by MCSIG (all eligible employees are covered by the dental & vision plan).  The District pays 100% of full-time employee premiums, and 95% of dependent premiums - up to the cost of coverage for MCSIG's Medical PPO $25 plan (aka "Base Plan").  

Employees who elect to enroll in medical coverage that costs less than the "Base Plan" coverage may receive the difference in cost (up to $200/month). This is a District-paid "shared savings" contribution deposited into an HRA (Health Reimbursement Account) on behalf of the employee.  (For more information, see below, "Active Employee Insurance Cost Comparison Chart," and  "District Health Benefits Overview"; also, visit the Section 125 & HRA webpage by clicking the link on the left.)

Employee + dependent health coverage is designed to emphasize wellness and preventative care, through a combination of the MCSIG program and the District's voluntary supplemental plans:

MCSIG Coverage:

Includes TelaDoc Behavioral/Mental Health Licensed therapist appointmentsEff January 1, 2020
Covered members have access to a licensed therapist by phone or video with scheduled appointments at no charge.  Review: Behavioral Health With Teledoc  (Also see "Useful Links" at left) 

  • MetLife Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided through  LifeWorks - Premier Option
    Up to 5 in person counseling sessions, Work-Life Services, Financial Services, Legal Services, Identity Theft Recovery Services, Telephonic Life Coaching, and Support for district Managers.

  • Brightline Mental Health Option for Adolescents - Effective 1/1/22   - NEW 2022!!
    A virtual behavioral health solution focused on children between 1 ½ and 18 years old. (More information to coming soon!)

District Coverage:
(available to Regularly employed part-time and full-time employees)

Plan Information

New to insurance coverage?  See these helpful and quick videos (under two minutes each): Introduction to  Breaking Down the Basics of Benefit Coverage, and Learning the Lingo used in benefit plan comparisons. 

MCSIG Vision Plan B - Summary At-A-Glance

Employee Costs / Plan Rates

 Eligibility & Forms 

MCSIG Eligibility Guidelines (v. 03/2013)
MCSIG Domestic Partner Guidelines   08/01/21 Update!!
MCSIG Website: RETIREE Coverage Guidelines   2022 Update !!

  • MCSIG  - Participant CHANGE Form 2022Update!!
    • Completion of Declination section on page 2 is REQUIRED if any coverage for an eligible employee and/or dependent is waived
    • Any employee who declines medical coverage MUST submit documented proof of other coverage (i.e., copy of medical ID card, or other certification of coverage) with the completed Declination form.
      - Note: CSEA unit members may not decline MCSIG medical plan enrollment, per collective bargaining agreement. 


Prior Year Costs/Rates/Coverage :

2021 MCSIG Medical Dental and Vision Rates 
2021 Active Full-Time Employee Insurance Cost Comparison Chart

Active Employee Insurance Cost Comparison (Eff. 1/ 2020)  
MCSIG Medical, Dental and Vision Rates (Eff. 1/2020)   

Active Employee Insurance Cost Comparison  (01/2019)
MCSIG Medical, Dental and Vision Rates  (01/2019) 

Active Employee Insurance Cost Comparison  (01/2018)
MCSIG Medical, Dental & Vision Rates  (01/2018)​​

Active Employee Insurance Cost Comparison (01/2017)  
MCSIG Dental & Vision Rates (01/2017)​​
MCSIG Medical Rates (01/2017 )

Active Employee Insurance - Cost Comparison (01/2016) 
MCSIG Medical Rates (01/2016)
MCSIG Dental & Vision Rates (01/2016)

Prior Year 2014/15 MCSIG Medical Rates 
Prior Year 2014/15 MCSIG Dental & Vision Rates 
Prior Year 2014/2015 Base Plan Employee Cost Comparison  

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Who To Contact

    Phone: (831) 755-6706
    Building: D - College Administration (North)
    Office: Room 110 
    College Administration (North)