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NetTutor is enabled in all Canvas courses for free, online tutoring! Faculty only need to publish their Canvas courses to make NetTutor available to students. If you are a student and NetTutor is not enabled in your Canvas course (or your instructor does not use Canvas), you can access it by self-enrolling in the free Quest for Success online course. To learn more about NetTutor and how to get support, view the resources below. 


Access Training & General Information: Learn more about NetTutor and get access to training (for both faculty and students).

NetTutor Schedule: Check out the schedule to see when you can access live tutoring in all available subjects.

NetTutor Subjects: View an up-to-date list with all of the NetTutor training subjects.

NetTutor Support Portal: Get support directly from the dedicated NetTutor support team if you're having trouble accessing it in your Canvas courses.

Student Experience: Learn more about the student experience with NetTutor.