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Spring 2023 Workshop Series
We invite you to attend the Spring Series Workshops as part of your student development requirement for the Salinas Valley Promise program. These workshops were designed for you by the Community of Practice team at Hartnell College to provide you with the opportunity to learn from experts, meet a diverse group of students and Hartnell team, and enjoy a focused discussion specific to your educational goals! This is also a great way to meet new friends and extend your circle of support at Hartnell College. 
Please note: You arerequired to attend a minimum of TWO workshops from the following spring series to maintain your eligibility for the Fall 2023 semester:

1. Hartnell Scholarships

CLICK HERE: Hartnell Scholarships -VIDEO

Learn how to successfully apply for the Hartnell General Scholarship Fund due April 10! Hosted by Ana Valles, Financial Aid

When: February 16th  Time: 10:00am Where: Zoom: 


2. Got Money for College?

CLICK HERE: Got Money for College -VIDEO

Join us to explore topics related to money such as budgeting as a student, debt, loans, and financial literacy! Hosted by Atanacia Malagon & Gaby Lopez, Hartnell Counselors

When: February 22nd Time: 6:00pm Where: Zoom:


3. Amor del Bueno -Healthy Relationships

We will review topics related to creating and maintaining healthy relationships.  Participation will be limited to the first 50 attendees Hosted by Monica Galvan, Hartnell Counselor

When: February 25th Time: 9:00-11:00am Where: B110, Main Campus


4. Healthy Minds

CLICK HERE: Healthy Minds -VIDEO

Join us to explore how to navigate mental health and explore resources available to you as a student. Hosted by Monica Carrasco & Samantha Caudillo, Hartnell Counselors

When: March 15th Time: 6:00pm Where:  Zoom: 


5. Scholarship Application Lab

Open lab to work on your Hartnell College Scholarship Application with our scholarship expert! Bring your laptop! Computers will be available to borrow. Hosted by Ana Valles, Financial Aid

When: March 23rd  Time: 3-5:00pm Where: TBD;Main Campus,  


6. Health Sciences Programs

Interested in a career in health care? Join our Health Sciences Counselor to explore your options! Hosted by Heather Rodriguez, Hartnell Counselor

When: April 21st Time: 1-3:00pm Where: Zoom: 


7. What is your purpose?

Each person has an individual set of strengths & talents that can be used to lead a truly meaningful life. Join the Blue Zones Project to find your gifts and talents!

Seating is limited & you must RSVP for this workshop!

Link to RSVP:

When: April 24th Time: 6-8:00pm Where: KCC 134, King City Center


8. Law Enforcement Roundtable

CLICK HERE: Law Enforcement Roundtable -Video

Interested in a career in law enforcement? Join us to hear from several law enforcement professionals from various agencies discuss their career journeys. Hosted by Sergio Diaz, Hartnell Counselor 

When: April 26th Time: 6-7:30pm Where: Zoom: 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the workshops, please contact Gabriela Lopez, Community of Practice Lead:


A Hartnell College Career Hub and Digital NEST Collaboration

You are invited to attend our Spring 2023 Leadership Summit where you’ll walk away with:

  • A Master Resume - Tell your professional story by highlighting the experiences that matter most
  • A Cover Letter - Includes a pitch about yourself and/or a LinkedIn intro
  • Interview Practice - Run through interview questions and get feedback
  • Swag - Gifts and goodies to enjoy
  • Professional Contacts
  • A Plan - A roadmap to help take the next step in your career


Workshop opportunity to complete your 2 minimum requirement for Spring 2023!

Spring 2023 Leadership Summit

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A Hartnell College Career Hub and Digital NEST Collaboration

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