If you are a CalWORKs student interested in on-campus employment, please visit to view the most up-to-date listing. Please make sure you view the “CURRENT CalWORKs STUDENT POSITIONS AVAILABLE” section.


Download the “Student Employment Application.” Please make sure you fully complete the application. If there is a section that does not apply to you, please write “N/A” to let the reviewer know you did not accidentally leave the section blank. 


Once you have completely filled out the student employment application, please submit to Marlene Tapia, located in the EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs office. Your application MUST  include the current month passport to services (which you can obtain from your case manager).


Once you submit your CalWORKs employment application and Marlene Tapia has verified that you are a CalWORKs student, your employment application will be distributed to the current CalWORKs hiring departments.


The hiring departments will review all submitted CalWORKs applications and will contact selected students for an interview. The finalist will be notified by the hiring department that he/she was selected for employment.


Upon notification of employment, the selected candidate MUST see Marlene Tapia, located in the EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs office to fill out a hiring packet. Once a hiring packet is filled out, it will be turned in to human resources. Selected candidate will coordinate work schedule with the hiring department supervisor. If an employment verification letter is needed, please request from Marlene Tapia. She can be reached at 755-6860.