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calworks logoThe Hartnell College CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids) program is a state funded program designed to provide academic support for CalWORKs participants to succeed in both their educational and employment goals. As a CalWORKs participant at Hartnell College, individuals join a supportive group that acts as a liaison between the student and their county of residence, as well as provides support services.

Are you interested in being part of the CalWORKs program? Check out our eligibility requirements to see how you can qualify and apply today.

Eligible Participants must meet the following requirements: 

  • Must be a current CalWORKs or TANF Cash Aid recipient (For student and their children/dependents).
  • Must have at least one child or dependent under the age of 18.
  • Student has, or is currently developing, a Welfare-to-Work (WTW) plan referring them to the college for education and training, unless they qualify for an exemption from their county of residence.
  • Enrolled in Credit or Non-Credit courses at Hartnell College (No unit minimum). 
  • Students must fulfill their work participation requirements in order to remain eligible to receive CalWORKs services.

1st Tier Priority Registration

CalWORKs students receive first-tier priority registration, meaning they register one day before the general student population and other priority groups. For more information about registration, including priority registration dates, please view the Registration webpage.

Assigned Hartnell College CalWORKs Counselor

Our dedicated CalWORKs counselor will develop an educational plan that's in accordance with the student's Welfare-to-Work plan. Our counselor acts as a liaison between Hartnell College and the students' county of residence.

Advanced Standard Payment for All Required Materials

All required course materials will be paid for by the county of residence through the county's Advanced Standard Payment and reimbursement process. Full-time students may receive $500, and part-time students may receive $250. Students are able to keep all funds from the Advanced Standard Payment. If the cost of books and supplies is higher than the Advance Standard Payment, students may request reimbursement. Please consult with your case worker for more information.

CalWORKs Work Study

CalWORKs Work Study is an on-campus employment opportunity available to students in the CalWORKs program. Income earned from a CalWORKs Work Study position will not affect the student's cash aid award, and the student may be able to use their work hours to satisfy their work participation requirements.

Lending Library

CalWORKs students can borrow textbooks, Chromebooks, and calculators for free through our office’s Lending Library. Lending Library items are released on a first-come, first-served basis to our students every semester. Don’t forget to see if we have what you need before you pay for any materials out of pocket; check out the Lending Library Book Inventory! Click here to fill out a lending library contract.

Other Supportive Services

Other supportive services include workshops and events, free printing at the CalWORKs office, free scantrons, and school supplies.

Step 1.  Students new to Hartnell College must first complete the Hartnell College Registration Steps, which include an admissions application to the college, obtaining a Hartnell College Student ID, and registration in at least one course, before applying to the CalWORKs program.

Step 2. Request a Verification of Benefits (VOB) and "Referral" from your CalWORKs case worker. Be sure to speak with your case worker about attending Hartnell College. Our students must have, or be currently developing, a welfare-to-work (WTW) plan that refers them to the college for education and training, unless deemed exempt.

Step 3. Complete the Hartnell College CalWORKs Application online. CalWORKS applicants must upload a current Verification of Benefits (VOB) and a copy of their "Referral" to their online application or email their documents to

"Supporting parenting students who are changing their own lives, two generations at a time."



Many CalWORKs students meet the eligibility criteria for the EOPS and CARE programs. The EOPS/CARE program is a student support program designed to provide services to students who are single parents, head of household, and receiving CalWORKs Cash Aid. The services offered to students in the EOPS/CARE program are in addition to CalWORKs benefits and financial aid benefits.

Student Parent Resources

Hartnell College is here to support students with dependent children to achieve academic success and complete their academic program. Hartnell College provides a wide range of State, on-campus, and off-campus student parent services and resources. Visit the student parents resource page for more information.

Who To Contact

  • EOPS, CARE & CalWORKs Office
    Phone: 831-755-6860
    Building: Main Campus, Building B
    Office: Room 241
  • Dr. Nancy Reyes
    EOPS, CARE and CalWORKs Counselor
    Phone: 831-755-6920
    Building: Main Campus, Building B
    Office: Room 241