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A Writing Workshop groupEach semester, the Panther Lab offers a series of workshops. Some of the workshops focus on basic grammar and punctuation topics such as commas, subject and verb agreement, verb tense, pronoun choice, fixing run-ons, and identifying sentence fragments. Check with your instructor, our workshops may earn you extra credit.  If you can't find the time to attend our workshops, some of them are available below, so you can learn anytime and anywhere!

Writing Workshops ESL Workshops
Annotations Writing Workshop What is a Noun?
Appositives Writing Workshop Noun Clauses
Commas (Part 1) Writing Workshop Adjective Clauses
Commas (Part 2) Writing Workshop

Present Tense

Common Spelling Errors Writing Workshop Past Tense
Coordinators Writing Workshop Past Continuous Tense
Fragments Writing Workshop Past Continuous vs Simple Past
Paragraph Development Workshop

Present Perfect Tense

Paper Development Workshop Prepositions of Direction and Location
Pronouns Writing Workshop Independent and Dependent Clauses
Proofreading Tips Writing Workshop Gerunds and Infinitives
Run-ons Writing Workshop  
Subordinators Writing Workshop  
Subject Verb Agreement Writing Workshop  
Verbal Phrases Writing Workshop  
Verb Tense Identification Writing Workshop  
Verb Tense Consistency Writing Workshop  

Math 201, 121, 123 and 25 Review 100 Math Review Problems Worksheet! Try to solve the problems, if you can't watch the video and try again!

Who To Contact

  • Frank Henderson
    Tutorial Services Coordinator
    Phone: (831) 755-6738 or 6815
    Building: B - Student Services Building, Second Floor
    Office: B216
    B - Student Services Building