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Fast Track Degree Program

The Fast Track Degree Program is a fully online Program which allows students to achieve their Associate of Science Degree in Administration of Justice Criminal Justice in just three semesters.

Students can take all of the Fast Track Degree courses plus one summer session and graduate a semester earlier than traditional Degree Programs.

A faster Associate of Science Degree can translate into a faster Bachelor’s Degree, for a fraction of the price of similar programs offered by private colleges.

Students that are already working in law enforcement or corrections can gain significant pay raises, faster.  Students who have graduated successfully from a peace officer, correctional officer or CHP academy are automatically given 12 units of Degree credit towards the Fast Track Program.

The Fast Track Program is also convenient for working students or students with young children as it is 100% online.
Fast Track courses are available to all students, whether or not they are participating in the full Fast Track Program, and are only six weeks in length, although they provide the same credit as 18 week courses.

Please consult with a counselor and sign up for Fast Track, today!

The Fast Track schedule can be found here: /fast-track-schedule