Hartnell College now has Fast Track 
Get Your Degree in Administration of Justice in 12 Months!


Take all the Fast Track courses for three semesters and obtain your Degree

  • Open to Everyone
  • Classes are only 8 weeks long!
  • 100% Online
  • Full Semester Credit


Session 1: ADJ 1, ADJ 3

Session 2: ADJ 5, ADJ 11

Session 3: ADJ 4, HIS 21A, ADJ 34

Session 4: ADJ 2, ADJ 8, ADJ10, ADJ 33

Session 5: ADJ 25

Session 6: ADJ 8, ENG 1A, BUS 18

 Session 7: SOC 1, ENG 1A, BUS 194

Session 8: HIS 10

Session 9: MAT 123, LIB 6

Students must take two ADJ elective courses in addition to the Fast Track courses in a summer session, intersession, or traditional semester. Students participating in Fast Track need to complete ENG 1A and MAT 123 which requires eligibility. ."Students may need to combine full-length courses with Fast Track courses." Please consult with a Hartnell College counselor for more information.

For information regarding Fast Track Courses or the Fast Track Degree Program contact:
Lisa Storm  at  lstorm@hartnell.edu  or (831)755-6745
Lindsey Bertomen  at  lbertomen@hartnell.edu  or (831) 755-6742

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