In the Computer Science Option, we offer an Associate of Science degree (AS), and a Certificate of Achievement. You can find a sample two-year pathway in the content below.

If you are a current student interested in participating in extracurricular activities please take a look at some of these clubs and computer science related activities.

  • Computer Science Club
  • National Cyber League 
    • Work through network and security challenges, compete with others, and learn some new skills in the process!
    • Contact: CSS Faculty, Jose Coria for more information
  • Get involved with Coder Dojo
    • You can be a student mentor and give back to the community!
    • Contact Maggie Malone-Echiburú


Some of our courses are offered once a year. The following diagram shows a sample pathway students can take to finish the degree in two years. Due to course pre-requisites and general education requirements, students are advised to speak with a counselor when developing their schedules and educational pathway.

Computer Science Option (AS Degree) Sample Pathway