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  • Chen 22 Textbook

    Chem 22 Textbook

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    Lab with bunsen burners

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Generally, enjoyable and designed for students who might be intimidated by Chemistry.  The Laboratory supports the lecture learning objectives and the class is thereforideal for learners who love experience to support curriculum.  This course is an introductory course for students who have never taken high school chemistry or who need to review their high school chemistry.  It includes measurement, classification of matter, atomic structure, the periodic table, chemical bonding, nomenclature, chemical equations and stoichiometry, gas laws, solutions, acids and bases, oxidation-reduction, and if time permits nuclear chemistry and an introduction to organic chemistry.

  • It partially meets the chemistry requirement for bachelors programs in nursing, dental hygiene, physical therapy, physical education, and health sciences.  
  • It does not meet the chemistry requirement for general chemistry for pre-medicine or pre-dentistry majors. 
  • It satisfies the Area B1 General Education requirement for CSU and the Area 5 Physical Science General Education requirement for UC.

Summer or Winter Academy is a great way to get your head out of chemistry fear and ready for chemistry learning. Academy Lab Manual


Lauri Strandberg

Who To Contact

  • Lauri Strandberg
    Adjunct Instructor Chemistry
    Phone: 831-818-0240
    Building: N - Merrill Hall
    Office: Adjunct instructor office in Student Center next to Security office
    Hartnell College Merrill Hall