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Student learning outcomes are the specific measurable results that are expected subsequent to a learning experience.  Student learning outcomes are written statements that represent student learning goals at the college, departmental, and course levels.

Whether the student learning objective is written at the institutional or course level, SLOs focus on what students know by the time they finish a course or program and what they will be able to do with the knowledge and skills attained at Hartnell.

Faculty and staff members design outcomes for their programs and courses by articulating what is essential to student learning in their disciplines or programs. The discussions focus on skills and knowledge that students should attain after participating in a course or program. Faculty and staff use the student learning outcomes that they have written together as guides for assessing effectiveness in teaching and learning.

At Hartnell, student learning outcomes is the responsibility of every teacher, administrator, and staff member. Institutional, departmental, and course student learning objectives must be written. This will be a gradual process that depends on time and commitment of all members of our college. The implementation of student learning outcomes in education is simply another attempt to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Recommendations for creating effective SLOs can be found here.