Kelly Locke, Math Faculty (co-chair) Academic Senate 755-6758 Permanent
Dr. Milena Angelova, Director of Institutional Research (co-chair) Administration 755-6854 Permanent
Chelsy Pham, Vice President of Information Technology Resources  Administration 755-6729 Permanent
Dave Beymer, Program Planning and Assessment Specialist Faculty, Special Assignment 755-6846 Permanent
Guy Hanna, Outcomes and Assessment Specialist Classified Staff 755-6725 Permanent
Ann Wright Academic Senate awright@hartnell.ed 770-6112 June 2022
Nancy Schur-Beymer Academic Senate 770-6150 June 2022
  Academic Senate     June 2022
Carla Johnson, Dean of Student Affairs & Student Success Academic Dean / Director 759-6006 June 2022
Jainesh Singh, Director of Academic Support Academic Dean / Director 755-6832 June 2022
Joy Cowden, Interim Dean of Academic Affairs Academic Dean / Director 755-6764 June 2022
Moises Almendariz, Director of HSI Initiatives Academic Dean / Director 770-7018 June 2022
  Academic Senate     June 2022
Jessica Green CSEA 755-6717 June 2022
Maj-Britt Kimm CSEA 755-6715 June 2022
Classified Staff Member L-39     June 2022
Gabino Guzman, Student Member ASHC     June 2022
Student Member ASHC     June 2022