Liason Librarians by discipline
Hartnell Disciplines Liaison Librarians Email (add Telephone extension
Administration of Justice Rosalinda McNamara rmcnamara 6078
Advanced Automotive Technology & Advanced Diesel Technology Deborah Stephens dstephens 6064
Agricultural & Industrial Technology & Agriculture Business & Tech Rosalinda McNamara rmcnamara 6078
Alcohol & Other Drugs Peggy (Margaret) Mayfield mmayfield 6898
American Sign Language Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Anthropology Alicia Martinez alimartinez 6078
Art Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Astronomy Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Automotive Technology Deborah Stephens dstephens 6064
Biology Peggy Mayfield mmayfield 6898
Business Rosalinda McNamara rmcnamara 6078
Chemistry Thu Duong thduong 6078
Communication Studies Alicia Martinez alimartinez 6078
Computer Science & Info Systems Deborah Stephens dstephens 6064
Construction Management & Architecture Peggy Mayfield mmayfield 6898
Counseling Alicia Martinez alimartinez 6078
Current Interest (McNaughton) Collection Rosalinda McNamara rmcnamara 6078
Drafting Peggy Mayfield mmayfield 6898
Early Childhood Education Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Economics Rosalinda McNamara rmcnamara 6078
Education Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Emergency Medical Technology Laura Berger lberger 6078
Engineering Rosalinda McNamara rmcnamara 6078
English Beth Rosenblum brosenblum 6078
English as a Second Language Peggy Mayfield mmayfield 6898
Ethnic Studies Rosalinda McNamara rmcnamara 6078
Geography Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Geology Peggy Mayfield mmayfield 6898
Health Education & Health Services Laura Berger lberger 6078
History Laura Berger lberger 6078
Interdisciplinary Studies (Boronda Study Abroad Program) Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
King City Ed. Center Library Beth Rosenblum brosenblum 6078
Learning Skills, Learning Disabled Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Library Instruction Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Mathematics Thu Duong thduong 6078
Meteorology Peggy Mayfield mmayfield 6898
Music Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Nursing-Registered & Nursing-Vocational Laura Berger lberger 6078
Nutrition Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Oceanography Peggy Mayfield mmayfield 6898
Pathway to Law Rosalinda McNamara rmcnamara 6078
Philosophy Alicia Martinez alimartinez 6078
Photography Cynthia Ainsworth cainsworth 6063
Physical Education Peggy Mayfield mmayfield 6898
Physics Thu Duong thduong 6078
Political Science Laura Berger lberger 6078
Psychology Alicia Martinez alimartinez 6078
Respiratory Care Practitioner Laura Berger lberger 6078
Science Peggy Mayfield mmayfield 6898
Sociology Laura Berger lberger 6078
Spanish Alicia Martinez alimartinez 6078
Theatre Arts & Cinema Laura Berger lberger 6078
Welding Peggy Mayfield mmayfield 6898


Who To Contact

  • Reference Librarians
    Phone: (831) 759-6078
    Building: A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC)
    Office: Reference Desk, 2nd floor
    Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC)