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Welcome to the Foster and Kinship Care Education Training Information Page & FAQs

The training sessions offered by the Foster and Kinship Care Education program are divided into two categories Pre-Service and In-Service training.


These trainings are meant to better prepare those who are would like to become a resource parent  to  children in the foster care system. These can be community members, relatives who have just received placement of a child in care or near kin (non related) persons.

Prospective resource families should start by attending an orientation. To start your journey to becoming an approved resource family follow the steps below:

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Approved resource families must complete ed eight hours of annual training. Hartnell college hosts these trainings which meet the requirement for Monterey County resource families. We offer a wide variety of specialized training on child and youth related issues.

All of our in-service training opportunities are available for you on our calendar below: