Welcome to the Foster and Kinship Care Education Training Page!

Here, you will find information on trainings we offer for; Monterey County Foster Parent Licensing and Continuing Education for Relative/ Near Kin and Foster Families with Monterey County Placements.


There are four ways you can register for our trainings:

1. Online:  Fill out a registration form located in the menu on the left hand side of this page

2. By Phone:  Call us at (831) 755-6807

3. Fax:  If you have a hard copy of the training flyer you may fax in the registration portion to (831) 770-7014

4. Mail:  If you have a hard copy of the training flyer you may mail in the registration portion to 411 Central Ave G15, Salinas CA, 93901


RFA Orientation

RFA Orientation is a prerequisite for the RFA pre-service training. 

You can register for the RFA Orientation by calling (831)755-4475

RFA Orientations meet every second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8:30PM at The Life Foundation located at 1000 S. Main Street, Salinas CA 93901.


RFA Pre-Service Training

RFA Pre-service Training consist of four 3 hour sessions for a total of twelve hours. All sessions are mandatory for completion as well as attending a six hour First Aid/CPR training in order to be RFA approved.

You can register for the RFA Pre-service Training by calling (831)755-6796


First Aid/CPR

First Aid/ CPR is free for Monterey County Licensed Foster Parents & Monterey County Dependent Relative/ Near Kin Caregivers as funding for this class is provided by the Monterey County Department of Social Services 


Training on Adoption

This training is two and a half hours long and is for RFA families looking to adopt.


Navigating the Special Education System

Presented by: Bree Nakashima

Topics will include:

The Education issues of children in foster care




Impact of Domestic Violence and Trauma

Topics will include:

Domestic Violence

Impact on children

Impact on families

Impact on society



Successfully Parenting At Risk Kids Topics include: Substance Abuse & Its Effects on Children & Families; The Drug-Exposed Infant, Toddler & Growing Child; Fostering Resilience in At-Risk Children; and Successfully Parenting the Drug-Exposed Child. 


Concurrent Educational Cluster

These 2-hour class sessions meet monthly and are offered for Monterey County concurrent foster families. Topics of discussion include but are not limited to the emotional and behavioral challenges in parenting. Peer support and expert training is a highlight of these meetings.



Spanish Cluster

This training is for all caregivers with Monterey County dependents. Topics are varied.