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Board Policies

Hartnell College is a subscriber to the Community College League's Policy and Procedure Service. The service provides templates for policies and procedures that meet all legal obligations, as well as promote effective governance at the District level. In an ongoing basis, both new and updated policies and procedures as required by changing laws and regulations, are provided by the League Office to member districts so that local policies and procedures may be updated.

The College is reviewing, revising, and developing new policies to align with the Community College League's Policy and Procedure Service.  Additionally, the College has created a new web page for its board policies and administrative procedures.  Many of the policies have transitioned to the new web page, but there are some that remain to be reviewed and updated.  Please visit the following web page to access the new and revised board policies and administrative procedures

1060 Emeritus Trustee of the Governing Board
1205 Disclaimer on Cost of Printing Candidates Statements
1420 Flying the Flag at Half-Staff
1425 Records Retention and Destruction
1450 Requests for Information
1460 Hartnell College Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award
1465 Emeritus Policy
1480 Media Policy

2100 Community Use of College Facilities
2105 Off-Campus Use of College Equipment
2110 Using College Facilities for Profit
2225 Gifts or Donations to the District
2235 Appointment of Employees to Currently Budgeted Positions
2240 Private Sale of Personal Property of the District
2255 Parking Regulations, Fees and Fines
2300 Operation of College Bookstore and Food Services
2315 Operation and Maintenance of Buildings and Ground 
2320 Conference and Travel
2325 Memberships in Local Civic Organizations
2330 Memberships in Regional, State, and National Institutional Organizations
2335 Prohibition of Dogs, Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller-skates, and Golfing on Campus
2346 Safety and Security Video Monitoring
2350 Hartnell College Foundation
2360 Permanent or Semi-Permanent Works of Art

STUDENT SERVICES -See new web page for student services policies and procedures

4005 College Catalog
4025 Technical/Vocational Education Class Projects

HUMAN RESOURCES - See new board policy and adminsitrative procedure webpage
5000 Scope of Policies
5040 Travel Expenses