Coronavirus 2019

Overview Information

(Información general en español)

The Hartnell Community College District has closed all of its campuses to the public in compliance with state and county shelter-in-place orders. All instruction for the Spring 2020 semester has moved online or been postponed, beginning March 25 through at least April 7. No previously scheduled campus events are being held until further notice. Except for a limited number of specified employees, all staff and faculty are working remotely or awaiting further off-campus assignment. Campus safety and security patrols continue 24/7.

The college is closely monitoring the public health situation involving the 2019 novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. No confirmed cases have been reported among Hartnell students or employees.

We strongly encourage everyone to follow recommended precautions to minimize the risk of contagious infection (see Individual Health Precautions, below), including adherence to social distancing – maintaining at least six feet of distance from other individuals in workplaces and public places.

We are providing the latest available about college instruction and operations to both our college community and the greater community. We continue to evaluate and respond to this evolving situation, with the health and safety of our students, employees and visitors being always our first priority


Individual Health Precautions

Steps to minimize the risk of contracting influenza or the coronavirus are the same as those
recommended to prevent the spread of all respiratory illnesses – and for general good health:

  • Maintain social distancing. Keep 6 feet from others in workplace and public places.
  • Even if you are assigned to work on campus, do not come to work if you are ill. Report to your supervisor and stay home until the sickness has cleared and there is no longer a chance of exposing others. Seek medical help as needed.
  • Get sufficient sleep, exercise regularly, drink plenty of fluids and eat a nutritious diet.
  • Keep your hands clean – wash them frequently with soap and water. Use an alcohol-
    based hand sanitizer when you cannot wash your hands.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Do not share cups, straws or anything else you put in your mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Get a flu shot – it’s not too late – available at most pharmacies
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or sleeve. Try to use a tissue, trash immediately.
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