September 2018 - Community Forums 

Community Forums were held at three locations during the month of September to bring status and updated drawings of the Measure T Bond - Series A projects currently in progress.  First on the schedule was King City on Wednesday September 12, 2018.  Another was held in Soledad, at the high school, on Wednesday September 26.  At each, the mayors of the respective cities,  Mr. Michael LeBarre, Mayor of The City of King and Mr. Fred Ledesma, Mayor of Soledad, welcomed a group of community members, staff and students to each event.  Dr. Lewallen, Superintendent/President of Hartnell College brought the groups up to speed with a brief history of the Bond timeline to date and what the project highlights are.  He then introduced the respective project architects, Jonathan Strnad from Kasavan Architects for the King City Expansion Center, and [ISA] In Studio Architects, Alex Reynoso, who presented the current status of their projects and revealed the current design of the buildings.  


Identified through research and listening to the community, Dr. Lewallan spoke of the goals that each project is looking to achieve.  First among the identified challenges for the King City center are the lack of actual science class rooms (labs).  The lack of science labs has made it extremely difficult for many of the students in the south county area to complete their degrees.  To achieve their requirements students have to travel, some using public transportation to get to the Main Campus in Salinas.  This takes a large chunk of time out of the student's day were travel can be 4 hours alone, not including the time for the class.  Second, is the missing investiment in student success; to the extent that is found on main campus but due to physcial constraints lacking at the center.  Mr. Strnad's presentation informed the group that through the design/programming committee's established for each project, his presentation of the expansion is the result of the input of the committee for this project.  The committee is comprised of Hartnell staff, faculty, students and also community members.  Their input helped formulate the design of the building.  (Below this commentary, links to the meeting information, and to Mr. Strnad's presenation can be found.)  


Goals of the building orientation were, keep a primary entrance for accountability and security.  Make a secondary entrance for community, and keep access to the Town Square open and flowing as well as any preexisting easements.  The main entrance to further strengthen its identity will receive trellis work and signage.  The Community access will also receive a trellis treatment to echo the main entrance.  At the theater side of the campus, an enclosing will go up to create a campus courtyard, but still allow on the theatre side, access to the Town Square.  The addition will approximately double the size of the campus.  A connecting corridor (achieved by reduction of a class room in the first and second floor existing building) will have new office/study rooms (three on each floor).  On the first floor will be a joint use community room which will be set so that it can be utilizied as a class room.  Two active learning classrooms will complete the first floor along with bathrooms and a storage room.  The rooms will all open to a lobby area and a glass enclosure to the courtyard.  On the second floor the science labs and dedicated student success area which will have private rooms for study/counseling and access to computers for students to access active classes on main campus or load a previously recorded class.  Outside the student success center will be a "kitchenette" for students to access, microwave, water for lunch/dinner needs. 


As the expansion will be on the current parking lot, the strongest concern of the expansion were on this matter.  The district and the city have been working together to do all they can to alleviate any problems.  It is identified that approximately 20 parking spaces will be lost.  It was also noted that this parking lot is not restricted to students only, and that anyone is able to park in the stalls next to the current center.  In discussion with the City, there is a plan to turn adjacent streets from paralell parking to angled parking, as is on Broadway.  This plan will recapture those lost stalls and a few more for a short term fix.  It is acknowledged by the City, that the parking for the town is a long term issue and there will be more discussion and plans going into the future.   


Soledad, caught betwixt main campus and King City Ed center, has the same travel problems that are felt by students in King City.  A new center here will alleviate the need for easier access classes.  Strong participation in local college courses is demonstrated now as some of the courses are already being taught at the high school.  The Soledad location is part of the parcel that the developer of the new housing in the area has ceded to the City.  Approximately half of that parcel (along Mertz and Orchard Lane) will house the  new Soledad Education center and also area for future growth to the center, both building and parking.  The other half is dedicated to open field use, a park or sports field that will happen in the future, but not part of the Education center project.  Mr. Reyes noted that inspiraton for the center was taken from both the mission and Soledad's recent status as the entrance to the Pinnacles.  The building projects highs and lows, and materials echo the colors and textures of the pinnacles.  The promenade off the courtyard resonates the style of the mission.  


As with all new projects in the bond, photovoltaic power generation is incorporated into the designs.  Roof top panels both here at Soledad  and at King City will be constructed.  Again, the core highlights for the center will be the science labs, (wet and dry) a joint use community room, and a student success center will also be in the design of the center.  


The third community forum was held on the Main Campus on September 19th.  All project architects presented the status and pictoral presentations of their projects.  In addition to the King City and Soledad presentations, Mr. Mahmoud Mehrabian from the gkkworks |CANNON DESIGN firm presented the Nursing and Health Sciences Building, and Roland Goodman of HGHB Architects presented the renovations to Buildings D and E.  Mr. Simon Phillips of BFS Landscape Architects presented on both the Nursing and Health Sciences Buiding and Buildings D and E renovations.  The architects in both the main campus projects again reiterated how the collaboration of the design/programming committee's input with the architects have aided in the production of the end result being presented.  The new nursing building will double the current physical size of the program.  State of the art simulation and skills labs will provide students with up to date resources.  The building is focusing on current trends of health care to prepare the next generation of nurses.  The landscape aids to connect this building with the existing buildings of the campus.  In Buildings D and E, the second and third floor class rooms will receive complete make overs.  From HVAC systems, to teaching technology will be installed in the new rooms.  The offices will receive a "re-fresh" in new flooring, paint and furniture in the older offices.  


Please check out the links below to the presentations and if you have any questions about them or the projects in general please email


King City Community Forum Presentation             King City Education Center Expansion  Architect Presentation


Soledad Community Forum Presentation                Soledad Education Center Architect Presentation


Main Campus Community Forum Presentation       Nursing and Health Sciences Building Architect Presentation 


                                                                                 Building D & E and ADA / Landscape Renovation   Architect Presentation