Updated 3/24/20

As we all continue to confront the impacts of the COVID-19 and Monterey County’s shelter-in-place order, we want to assure all employees that the Hartnell Community College District (HCCD) remains committed to the health, safety and well-being of you and your families. Human Resources is focused on continuing to provide support, service and helpful resources that respond to employees’ questions, concerns and needs ― unrelated or related to COVID-19.

We understand this is a period of uncertainty and adjustment as we all try to find balance during the transition from normal work and social routines to daily life within confines of safety mandates that affect both work and home life.


LifeWorks Employee Assistance is available to employees who are struggling with feelings of isolation from shelter-in-place restrictions, struggling to accept new or lost routines or simply feeling overwhelmed with so many changes occurring at once. LifeWorks is the district’s partner in providing help to employees coping with difficult life situations related to COVID-19, as well as unrelated events such as relationship conflicts, death, financial uncertainty and more.   Employees can review both the attached and online information provided by LifeWorks:

Username:  metlifeeap

Password eap

You can also contact LifeWorks directly by calling 1-888-319-7819 if feeling anxious or simply out-of-sorts. When you call, identify yourself as a Hartnell employee.

AIM Youth Mental Health Organization has shared the attached list of national, state and Monterey County resource agencies who are ready to support all our employees, the local community and community at large. (Most of the listed resources are providing service virtually, but some in-person options remain).


At an emergency meeting on March 19, the HCCD Board of Trustees on March 19 approved a  resolution to continue paying employees as budgeted through April 7, 2020. Employees will receive their normal pay while 1) working on campus, 2) telecommuting from home, and 3) remaining “on call” during regular work hours or doing project work from home. 

To address safe social distancing for employees working on campus, notices were posted in public places to clarify the standard of assistance provided “from six feet apart,” and tape markers have been placed on floors to clearly mark the six-foot distance from employee workstations.

To assist employees working remotely,  the Professional Development Center (PDC) Quick Start Remote Work webpage contains Quick-Start Key Resources for ConferZoom virtual meeting/conferencing; ShoreTel phone forwarding to personal phone numbers and attaching voicemails to emails; and, accessing virtual desktops ꟷ when specialized program access is necessary. Additionally, the PDC Guide to Resources webpage is also available for more self-directed technology information.


While most employees are new to remote work, we appreciate those who are familiar with the help they have provided to coworkers. We also want to remind everyone that although you are working your regular hours remotely, please be diligent/vigilant about doing the following:

  • Taking daily work schedule breaks in the morning and afternoon.
  • Taking your lunch break away from any work-related tasks including computers and work phone notifications
  • Staying in frequent communication with your dean/manager and others in your workgroup.
  • Using available work tools to help other employees know when you are not available remotely (e.g., email signatures, Google Chat status, etc.).

We applaud everyone’s efforts to work together and support one another as we all work through this as an entire team.